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PanAway Instead Of Stitches For Deep Gash

Author: Dawn R.
Skill: Massage Therapist
Date: 12-06-2010
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Our daughter cut her hand on jagged glass pretty badly today. It looked like stitches for sure. She said she felt it hit the bone, and I saw a deep place that could well have been near the bone -- the best description I can give is that it looked darkly bloody and meaty inside.

I put the PanAway oil blend on it and (on the way to the ER, in my mind) drove her to my husbands for a second opinion (he was 2 minutes away, in his truck preparing to leave). By the time we got there, the bleeding had completely stopped and it was closed up so well that it looked shallow to him.

Since there was never any heavy bleeding and no apparent nerve damage, and Young Living is our only health insurance, we decided to bypass the ER. By the time we got to the store (maybe 10 minutes more) for first-aid stuff, she was feeling well enough to bop along the aisles with her friend, looking at the Halloween clearance items.

We got home and he was dressing it (with more PanAway): Her eyes welled up with tears and I rushed over and asked if it was hurting again. No, she was just upset at the appearance of the bandage and felt embarrassed at the thought of being seen at choir practice that way!

This was just about an hour after it happened. The rest of the night, she proceeded to do anything with that hand that wasn't prohibited by the bandage, including eating with a spoon and keeping time to a song by tapping HER BANDAGED FINGER on her other hand.

When we changed the dressing at bedtime (more PanAway), the cut had completely sealed itself and looked dramatically different from the wound we'd seen earlier. Thank HEAVENS for PanAway!! And now I dare anyone to complain to me about the price of good, therapeutic grade oils. Even if the entire small bottle on her finger is used, that is a $45 wound instead of a $450 Emergency Room visit!!

12/1/10 Update: She's been using Lavender oil mixed into KidScents Lotion to prevent scarring; it is clearing up beautifully! She says there has been no pain at all since she got to quit wearing the splint on about the third day.

She hasn't lost any feeling at all, nor does she have that prickly-numb sensation that my hand still has after stitches 20 years ago.

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