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Sinus Infection Nipped In The Bud!

Author: Dawn R.
Skill: Massage Therapist
Date: 12-04-2010
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No more sinus infections for me!!! I've been plagued by these things since childhood. NO MORE!!! Decided to document what i did, mostly to help others w/ same because i wouldn't remember details later, but also to keep me acting on it.

7 pm Ate Pizza Hut cheeze sticks for dinner, because I was LAZY.

8:15 2 ComforTone, 2 enzymes, 16 oz water

10:45pm Noticed sore throat. Went looking for Thieves spray, got distracted, then sinuses started dripping & head hurt in THAT WAY. After a lifetime of sinus infections, they're unmistakable.

11:00 Got Thieves spray, squirted into throat twice. Inhaled fumes up into sinuses.

11:15 Ditto, plus 8 oz more water and two more ComforTone. (because sinuses = colon and i've had a lot of cheese over 3 days.)

11:55 Head hurting again; reading Gena's post about carrot cayenne juice But maybe not tonight; so tired.

12:05 8 oz more water during the following: Peppermint oil on facial sinus areas, crown, back of neck, and inhaled. Lavender on back of neck & inhaled. Nose running (Peppermint fumes). Drop of Frankincense under tongue; Thieves spray again.

12:12 Another drop of Frankincense since the first wasn't so bad. Although eyes still watering from fumes, notice throat no longer hurts, head no longer hurts. Will put Thieves on feet in bed, about 5 min from now. In the morning, if no better, will make carrot juice and call Daddy to beg diffuser pump (mine's dead). Bedtime!

12:16 OY! reminded me: Take a tsp natural vinegar w/ a drop Thieves oil (and i'll add local raw honey). That's easy enough to do before bed.

12:25 Brushed teeth w/ extra drop of Clove (i'd have used Thieves but hadn't found it yet) then did the ACV/Thieves/honey thing. Yowza! Heading to bed noticed sinuses seem clear, no drips, no headache (other than sleepiness). Throat just stings a touch in one spot, prob from the thvs i just drank. Optimistic! G'night.

8:27 am When i went to bed, rolled Breathe Again all over my face & under nose; put Thieves on my feet. Think i did the Breathe Again when i woke in the night, but unsure. (Had dream about being disappointed in an old friend from the past; the situation was very realistic. For whatever that matters.) This morning, did Breathe Again again for good measure, but feel normal! No headache, no sore throat, no dripping or sinus pressure. The usual morning sneeze and stuffiness, but nothing abnormal! Drinking my normal morning tonic: 2 cups water with Sulfurzyme, Cypress oil, Hawthorne extract (used to be HRT), and Grapefruit oil.

Will take more ComforTone and keep meals light and relatively liquid for a few days -- possibly that carrot-Orange-cayenne juice, lots of soups (lentils! yum!), green smoothies.

Note: I did this with just the Everyday Oils Kit and Cleansing Trio, plus Thieves Spray and Breathe Again. More info and kewl videos at

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