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A Remedy For COPD

Author: Pauline Boston
Skill: Hypnotherapist
Location: DE, United States
Posted: 11-14-2010
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Last year I developed a severe bronchial infection and cough, then a sinus infection on top of that. It took 3 'upgrades' of antibiotic and several weeks to knock down the infections, but I was left with a continual sinus drip and a chronic cough with heavy mucus.

I had been inhaling Raven and RC and the Breathe Again Roll-on for temporary relief, but house dust, changing sheets, outdoor air and all cleaning products and hair sprays sent me into gasping, coughing fits. After being tested for asthma, given an Rx for an inhaler and Advair, which I didn't use, I decided to research the Young Living info I had been collecting for years.

I came across notes from a YL seminar I had attended in 1996, which gave us a blend for COPD for inhaling. In an empty bottle, pour

3 drops Thyme oil (added in 2014)
3 drops Rosemary oil
2 drops Peppermint oil
2 drops Lemon oil

Inhale this deeply for 2-3 minutes, as needed. I mixed a big batch, using 45 drops Rosemary, 30 each of Peppermint and Lemon in a clean empty YL bottle. I carry this with me, and take it to bed.

It stops the tickle, the wheezing, and the sinus drip. My once chronic condition is gradually disappearing, and using it as soon as symptoms appear nips the allergy reaction in the bud.

I now diffuse a few drops in the house before cleaning, and in my bedroom on bad air-quality and sheet changing days.

I recently added the Thyme oil after hearing research that it strengthens immune and bronchial response to inhaled air particles, and is beneficial for fighting germs. It now works better than ever.

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