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We Were Told Our Colt Won't Make It

Author: Nancy S.
Date: 11-09-2010
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We have a colt that got into a wire fence and cut her hind leg down to the bone and tendon ripping all the flesh and hide off the leg from fighting to get out of the fence which she did causing all that damage.

We put the Peace & Calming oil blend on her to calm her when we caught her so we could doctor her and see how bad it was. I have never seen a colt that had not had a halter on before that didn't fight after we caught her. Peace & Calming did a great job. We laid her down and she just laid there and let us work on her without even a struggle in trying to get up. Our neighbor who is a rancher and has worked with animals all his life said we should put her down as she would never grow the flesh or skin back, let alone any hair and would always be lame. My daughter called the vet and she said the same thing. Even my husband thought so too, that there wasn't any chance in saving her leg without her being lame and in pain all the time..

I said no, lets give her a chance because we had another horse that had fallen through a cattle guard and had took all the hide and meat down to the shin bone off and now you can't even see where it happened.

So we set out cleaning it up by washing it out with the Thieves cleaner because it was really dirty. ( A cap full in a gallon of water). Then we applied Ortho Sport all over the area inside and out. (Ortho Sport is great for pain and irritation). It helps to combat the damaging effect that had been done.

The Thieves oil blend was applied around the outside of the wound, the Melrose oil blend inside the wound. Then the Animal Scents ointment on top of the wound and wrapped the leg. It had cut about a good 5" to 6" long strip off the back of her leg. Again the neighbor and vet thought that she would be lame the rest of her life,(IF SHE EVER HEALED UP). They said with the tendon exposed it would dry up and shrink causing her to be lame.

Well to make a long story short, she recovered and all hair has grown back except right at the top which is hard to see where the scar begins. The neighbor was so surprised that the flesh grew back over the tendon and new skin along with the hair. It took a long time but we never gave up using the oils and Ortho Sport and Animal Scent ointment with every bandage change you could see it great improvement which saved her life.

Several years back we had a stallion that had somehow cut the his front leg pretty deep just above the hoof. When we first saw that he was hurt he was almost packing his foot as he walked, it hurt him that bad. We caught him to find out what was going on and his foot was all infected and swollen. All I had at that time was Ortho Sport in the barn so I saturated it and left him in the corral for the night.

The next morning with more oils and the Animal Scents ointment, we headed for the barn. When we got there we were shocked to see that he was walking around the corral without a limp. Not believing what we were seeing we couldn't wait to check his foot out.

The swelling was gone and so was the pus, just overnight from using Ortho Sport. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes that Ortho Sport could take care of that problem with just one application. So you can see how important that it is to use Ortho Sport for any injury to a horse.


When my husband Blaine and I went camping and we had nice horseback ride to get into where we were planning on staying. It was almost dark and Blaine took care of the horses and I started the fire so I could cook supper. Blaine came back and set up the tent as I cooked and when we finished with the meal Blaine went to check on the horses.

He came back and said that my horse Snowball was not acting right she kept laying down and wanted me to come and see for myself. I went with him and she was down and then she got back up and laid down again. We both knew she was in trouble. A horse doesn't do that unless they have a belly ache. Blaine caught her and I got my oils as I don't go anywhere with out them.

I listened to her stomach and there was no sound at all. I got the DiGize oil blend and I saw that I only had about 5 drops left in the bottle. I gave that to Snowball inside the lower lip and rubbed Ortho Sport with Peppermint in it, to help relax the muscles. Blaine was walking her around and around to keep her from laying down and rolling which could twist a gut. He stopped and I listened again and I heard movement once.

So we knew that something was starting to work. I knew if I just had more DiGize I could save her. I put Peppermint on the frogs of the front feet and Blaine kept walking her. By now it was pitch dark and there was no way to get her out, she wouldn't be able make it that far. When Blaine stopped again, I listened and there was a little more rumbling and she was passing gas.

I got to thinking, man I wished I had checked the DiGize before we went on the trip, then it came to me. The oils have a frequency and that frequency is still in the bottle. So I added some water to the bottle and shook it up and said a prayer and when Blaine came by again I gave this to her insider her lip. As Blaine started walking her, she cut a big one. WOW, I thought. I did it again and this time she had a bowel movement. I knew then she would make it.

I gave her another squirt of DiGize mixed water as well as the Ortho Sport and soon her gut and stomach had total activity. She had another bowel movement after Blaine had been walking her around for 4 hours. We tied her up close to the tent so we could hear her if anything went wrong and went to bed.

I know beyond a doubt she would have died that night if I had not had my oils with me. She was fine the next morning and was hungry as a horse.


Polly, another one of our horses had to have a hysterectomy and after we brought her home she came down with a bad tummy ache. Blaine called the vet and he gave her a shot to relax the muscles and some mineral oil. Then he left. Later Blaine came to the house and said its not working for Polly, you need to use the oils.

So I went down to the barn and listened to her stomach and there wasn't any sound at all and she kept wanting to lay down. I applied 20 drops of DiGize inside her lower lip. Taking Ortho Sport and squirting a hand full in my hand and adding Peppermint to it to relax the stomach muscles I rubbed all around the flank and stomach.

Then Blaine started to walk her and in about two minutes she started to pass gas. I gave her some more DiGize and Ortho Sport and in 10 minutes she had a bowel movement. Fifteen minutes later she was fine and did not lay down again. Blaine said I am not going to call a vet again, I'll just call on you.

So as you can see from the experience we have had, our oils are right there to take care of the problem. Thank you God and Thank you Young Living for teaching us how to use God's pure oils. Not only can we care for our family we can take care of animals too.

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