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Tooth Abscess Healed With Thieves And NingXia Red

Author: Cat S.
Skill: Frequency Energy
Date: 11-01-2010
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My last visit to the dentist was not very pleasant at all. The technician was a bit overzealous and by the time the cleaning was done my gums were so sore they were raw. Over the next few days I developed a very painful abscess that was frankly frightening. I was terrified I'd loose my tooth or worse have to endure an awful root canal. Being over 80, I'm not so quick to heal and am very afraid that one thing can lead to another.

By the end of the weekend I was in agony and extremely tired of not being able to eat solid food. My daughter, a well-respected energy practitioner, has tried to get me to use energy work and the oils to stop smoking but frankly I wasn't ready to even try it let alone believe it could work. By Sunday though, I was in too much pain to argue.

As hard as it was for me to believe, it was only actually about 10 minutes later when I felt something different. After just 10 minutes the pain went from a level 7 on a scale of 1-10 down to a 2 or 3, and that was only if I touched it! My mouth was still sore, but the agony was gone.

What we did was this:

First my daughter had me rinse with the Thieves Mouthwash, then we began to do some energy work with the process of Emotional Freedom Technique. We worked for just about 10 minutes and then my daughter asked if I wanted to continue but I was tired, so we stopped for that day. Besides, I told her, I had an appointment at the dentist Tuesday and he would fix it then...I could hold on for a few more days.

She instructed me to continue rinsing with the Thieves Mouthwash a few times a day, to drink water and rinse with a bit of sea salt water.

By Tuesday I was surprised to notice that the swelling from the abscess was down by more than half! The dentist gave me some antibiotics and a mouthwash, both I was to use daily. Since I'd run out of the Thieves Mouthwash I thought this dentist prescribed mouthwash would be a good next step. Boy was I wrong! Day after day went by and though the pain didn't return, the soreness didn't go away and the abscess didn't shrink in size either.

A week after I received a gift from my daughter - she sent me some more Thieves and a bottle of NingXia Red Juice - even though I'd told her the dentist would fix the problem. I called her to thank her and she asked how I was feeling. I had to tell her that I wasn't completely well, and that to add to the problem the dentist's mouthwash was really drying and made my mouth uncomfortable.

Once again she asked if I wanted to try EFT...and so we did another round. The pain went completely away this time, and I made the decision to stop using the dentist's mouthwash and switch to the Young Living Thieves Mouthwash and to drink at least an ounce of the NingXia Red a day.

Though I've experienced EFT and the Young Living products and know they both work, I still am surprised at how quickly and effectively they do - I guess it takes longer to teach an old dog new tricks but I'm learning: just three days after the last EFT session and using the Thieves mouthwash consistently my abscess is COMPLETELY gone! My mouth is healed and I am once again happily eating whatever I wish!

That Thieves mouthwash is terrific - my mouth and teeth feel cleaner and much more healthy than I can remember! I love the way my mouth stays fresh much longer than with any other product, and frankly I'm convinced that it was EFT and Young Living's Thieves Mouthwash and NingXia Red Juice only that healed my abscess.

I thank God for my daughter for many reasons, and know she's a wonderful girl. But I thank God even more for her skills with EFT and the gift of Young Living she gave me!

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