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Author: Sally S.
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Date: 10-19-2010
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Back in March, 2009, I was at death's door. I had gone into a low blood sugar, coma while in the car with my husband, taking care of some business. I had no idea of what was happening. My husband thought I was throwing a hissy fit. My girlfriend, who was in the car with us, said no that they needed to get me to the hospital PDQ. I was not eating properly. I was not taking proper care of myself. My will to live was gone. I was on 17 medications a day, to try and stabilize my body, mind and spirit. It was not working. I was on 52 units of Lantus (long-acting) insulin a day, and 14 units (to scale) of Novolog short-acting insulin at meals and bed. None of this was balancing me.

While at the E.R. I had a near death experience, going to heaven, seeing everything in white. I saw people walking to and fro. I did not hear any conversations or talk with anyone. After being there for a time, I was transported back to the earth plain with the proviso that I let people know that there is a better way to live. I awoke in the E.R., asking where I was, as I did not immediately recognize where I was. The doctor, who was very close to me, heard my request, and said that I was very, very lucky to have made it back, as many who have a blood sugar as low as mine don't get to come back.

I made a conscious decision at that time that I had to make some drastic changes in my life. I started doing these changes with the help of a friend, Trish O'Connell, who is an LPN, and a health educator and consultant from Rochester, NY. She taught me a better way to plan my day, which was to have 6 small (1/2 size) meals a day rather than 3 regular size meals. I watch the starches and breads that I take in, eating very little of them, and am eating no dairy products, that way my body can be continually metabolizing my food, instead of having so many hours with no food.

She also taught me a regular exercise plan of walking a mile a day. In addition she showed me that taking all natural, 100 percent pure vitamins and supplements that have not been subjected to herbicides, pesticides, or petrochemicals would be much healthier for me.

The only ones that I have found that meet these criteria come from Young Living Essential Oils. I have found this to be very helpful for me. Because since I have been faithful to this regimen of diet, I have consistently lost weight, now losing some 70 pounds; have gotten off all the 17 medications I was taking a day, have gotten off the CPAP machine to help me breathe at night, as I now have regular oxygen pressure at night, and sleep regularly.

I have also just in the past 9 months been regaining sight in my eyes that I never had. In January my vision was 20/60. After using the Biblical Oil Frankincense. which has been rediscovered by the Rev. Gary Young, on his quest for his restoration of his injured spine from a logging accident that left him wheel chair bound, with no prognosis for ever being able to walk again. I used the Frankincense on a continual basis for some 6 months, placing a drop of the Oil on each palm and holding it over the eyes for 20 minutes and deep breathing it in, my vision was 20/40. I don't ever remember my vision ever being at that measurement always, much higher.

I have truly been given many miracles, and give all glory, praise and thanks to God for His grace and mercy. I also thank God for learning about the oils. It has truly been a miracle mind set shift change in my life.

Sally "Singing Bird-Soaring Eagle Woman" Sims

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