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Lavender And Peppermint For Hives

Author: Barbara Moline
Skill: Reiki Practitioner
Location: FL, United States
Posted: 10-19-2010
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Word Length: 227
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I recently broke out with hives on my elbows and on ribcage under my arms and I could not get any relief from the usual antihistamines. I went to the Dr. and he gave me a steroid shot and Prednisone to take for one week. I got immediate relief and I thought we even found the reason for the breakout during that week. As soon as the meds were gone, the hives returned. All of what I thought was the activators had been removed from my surroundings.

Yesterday I was going crazy trying everything. I applied YL Wintergreen oil directly to the rash and that provided relief but I had to reapply and nothing was dissapearing. By afternoon I decided to try YL Lavender and Peppermint oil. I used 3 drops of each oil to each elbow then used what was left on my hands to apply to each side of my body. Instant cooling and relief. I applied them 2 more times and slept all night with no irritation. This morning when I woke up the hives are almost gone, no irritation. I applied the oils to keep the regimen going until they are completly gone, but this worked and I wanted to share it with everyone. There is nothing worse than hives with no relief!

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