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Hot Flashes & Sleep Improved With Progessence Plus

Author: Sandy R.
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Date: 09-21-2010
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I recently began using Young Living's Product Progessence Plus as a natural source of progesterone. I am really impressed with the effectiveness! I have tried Progesterone Cream but they did not work so well for me. I have been on a bio-identical form of Progesterone for years. Like so many women, it has been a bumpy road to learn how to effectively work with my fluctuating progesterone levels.

Initially I was only using about 2 drops of Progessence Plus on my arms and not seeing much change. I decided to increase my dose. That night, I had a headache before using the Progessence Plus. After applying 1 drop to both my forearms, the headache neither increased or decreased. After 5 minutes, I applied a 2nd dose. The headache decreased slightly. I continued applying 1 drop on each forearm for 4 applications, about 5 minutes apart.

With each application my headache decreased. This was pretty interesting experience! I began realizing that these evening headaches may be related to significant drops in my Progesterone levels! With the 5th and 6th applications, I placed 1 drop on each carotid artery on either side of my neck.

After 15 minutes without any more doses, the headache began to return slightly. So I applied a 7th dose on the carotid arteries again. In using about 12 drops total within 30 minutes on my arms and carotid arteries the headache disappeared! My head got very clear and I began feeling very relaxed. This was a total of 12 drops in about 30 minutes. Since it is also supposed to help you relax and sleep, I added even more drops. I fell asleep easily. What a blessing!

The reason I used such small amounts is that I tend to be VERY sensitive to products and I like to see what the effects happen with varying doses and over time. Doing this slowly gives me a good barometer of the effects something is having on my system.

Two nights in a row, I awoke in the middle of the night with a hot flash. I used about 4 more drops and the flash left within minutes!!! And then I fell back asleep easily for a sound 5-6 hours - a deeper and longer sleep than I have had for awhile.

I didn't realize so many of these things may be from my progesterone level dropping! Wow! Another added bonus, my breast tissue is much less dense and is actually softer - that sounds weird, but it is true. That is with 3 days of using about 20-25 drops from the afternoon into the night. I found this to be pretty impressive. I wonder what Progessence Plus can do for really dense breast tissue and so many other hormone related issues! I continue to use my bio-identical Progesterone as I experiment with using this natural source in Progessence Plus Serum.

After a month of using Progessence Plus, I continue to experience the benefits. I only need about 8-10 drops in the evenings/nights now. My sleep patterns have continued to improve with more hours of deeper, more restful sleeping. My emotions are more balanced, I overall am more relaxed, and my PMS was a breeze with few symptoms. Now, if I begin to feel a headache coming on, I add more Progessene Plus until it goes away. If I feel a night sweat or hot flash coming on, I use a few drops and they disappear!

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