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Drinking NingXia Red Juice Improved Vision

Author: Beth G.
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Date: 07-13-2010
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I plan to drink NingXia Red juice every day for the rest of my life!! Let me tell you why . . .

When I began to drink NingXia Red, I drank it because it was a healthy natural food product with high anti-oxidant levels; but I did not remember to drink it every day. Before too long, I began to hear testimonials about real health improvements which many individuals attributed, at least partially, to drinking NingXia Red juice. One of these benefits is an improvement in visual acuity.

Several years before I found NingXia Red, I had been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. For the twenty years prior to that, I had visual limitations from Fuch's Dystrophy of the cornea. The end-result of Fuchs' Dystrophy is blindness, unless a cornea transplant is performed.

Both eyes were eligible for cornea transplants and cataract removal. The surgery had been completed for one eye about a year before this point, and I needed to wait for the one eye to recover before planning for surgery in the other eye. Though I could expect improvement in my vision from the surgeries, the macular degeneration was still present, which had blinded my mother.

I had noted that NingXia Red contained high levels of the lutein and zeaxanthin which my eye doctor had recommended, in the form of special eye vitamins, to slow down the progression of the macular degeneration.

Not only did NingXia Red contain these two ingredients, but the zeaxanthin and lutein also were in the balance needed to maximize the health of the macula, which is the central part of the retina. And better yet, they were natural food substances, not synthetics from some laboratory.

Of course I began to drink the NingXia Red juice daily. It's usually recommended that a person drink one or two ounces a day, and I began to drink two ounces a day. Slowly I increased the amount to the 5 or 6 ounces I now drink daily. I hoped that my eyesight would benefit from this wonderful juice.

I decided to be faithful in drinking it because it was a healthy drink, whether or not my vision improved. If my vision improved, I thought it would probably be a very slow process. Surprisingly, my eyesight began to improve much more quickly than I expected. In six months my vision was better.

After nine months of drinking NingXia Red juice, faithfully taking Young Living True Source whole-food vitamins and OmegaGize, my macular degeneration was gone. At another time my doctor saw tiny white dots on my retina which he said are usually precursors for macular degeneration. At the latest visit, there again was no sign of it. Even if the tiny white dots are seen again, it is still clear that my macular degeneration has reversed itself.

Further amazement came when both the ophthalmologist and the eye surgeon told me the cataract which had been eligible for surgery two years earlier was no longer advanced enough to need surgery. And regarding the Fuchs' Dystrophy of the cornea which had prompted a cornea transplant in one eye, the other eye was no longer bad enough for surgery!

My vision continues to improve. At this point, my vision with glasses is 20/20 in the eye which had the cornea transplant and the cataract removal, and 20/25 in the eye without surgery. The eye which had formerly been awaiting surgery, no longer needs it. There is no macular degeneration in either eye.

I can drive again, after five years of not driving. I can read again for PURE PLEASURE, when I had given that up 20 years ago.

All this shows me how eating the healthiest foods and nutritional supplements we can manage (and thinking the healthiest, most optimistic thoughts) can give our bodies what they need to regenerate themselves.

As for me, I try to remember that and to live my days in gratitude.

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