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Mouth Ulcers And Infected Throat

Author: Anne McLaren
Location: TAS, Australia
Posted: 06-04-2010
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Suddenly late one evening I developed a swollen right gland in my neck, a small ulcer under my tongue and a sore feeling at the right side of the very base of my tongue. I used a cotton bud tip and applied Eucalyptus and lavender essential oil in grape seed oil, I made it a little stronger but the pain went as soon as the oils had covered the areas. The condition was much improved but not resolved since when I ate food, the gland would swell up again. So after a course of penicillin from the doctor the problem was still unresolved, so this time I went all out on the oils applying them to the areas directly and making stronger mixtures and applying them to both soles of my feet and also rubbing the oils my neck gland. Other oils I also added to my applications was peppermint and lemongrass.

The reason for rubbing the oils into my feet was to get the oils working throughout my whole body since they are anti-viral and the skin being harder on the feet would be able to cope with the oils strength and not get irritated. It was also an amazing feeling to feel the fresh-like tingle coolness of the lemongrass and peppermint move all through the bloodstream.
I now rub and essential oils into the soles of my feet every night now because I know their many natural chemicals are good for the immune system, but they also make my feet feel silky and soft.

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