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Moles, Warts, Canker Sore All Gone With Oregano

Author: Max O'Neil
Skill: Healer
Location: CA, United States
Posted: 03-31-2010
Views: 2,540
Word Length: 116
Questions received: 0

A wart developed on the side of my face and what looked like a mole on my forehead. I tried clove oil on them for a couple of weeks. I smelled good, but it didn't seem to affect them. Then I got some Oregano oil. In two weeks of morning and evening applications they were gone. I used a QTip to apply as the Oregano is pretty hot on the skin and caused a burning sensation when applied so the QTip helped me to be accurate as to the placement of the oil. I also started to develop a canker sore inside my mouth during this time. Three applications of Oregano oil and it was gone.

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