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Pets Traumatized By Car Accidents

Author: Melissa Shelton
Skill: Veterinarian
Location: MN, United States
Posted: 12-31-2009
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Word Length: 147
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I am a veterinarian, and have been using YLEO's in my practice for over a year. When a dog or cat is traumatized by being hit by a car, or stepped on - often times we see pulmonary contusions, or bruising of the lungs.

Normally, this condition worsens over the first 24 hours, and there is generally nothing that conventional medicine can do, except provide oxygen to the pet.

We have diffused Helichrysum from a water nebulizer - aiming it directly into a cage and having the pet inhale the vapors. Alternating this with Frankincense or Cedarwood for increased oxygenation.

By combining the essential oils with Arnica homeopathy, and Indigo Color Light Therapy - we see REMARKABLE and DRASTIC improvements within 12 hours, instead of the typical worsening over the first 24 hours. We have had this work very well in many cases.

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