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Link Between Stress, Anxiety And TMJ

Author: Deborah C.
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Date: 11-24-2009
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One day at the chiropractor's office I witnessed a woman passionately engaged in angry diatribe at the front desk. The exasperated administrator spotted me and quickly directed the woman my way saying, "HERE... go talk to Deborah, she can probably help you!" DANG - I was all blissed out from my own adjustment and looking forward to drifting home on that wave.

However, one look and it was evident how years of accumulated rage had literally locked up this woman's jaw and neck, though apparently the pain did not limit her ability to hold people as verbal hostages.

Deborah now in the cross hairs and barely pausing for a breath, she readied to launch, to which my immediate response was, "Ohhhh no, STOP RIGHT THERE! Hand firmly out in front me and ALL business, I then said, "So how does that feel, you know, the regurgitating non stop anger program? Astonished, she admitted that it hurt.

"Well then, if you're willing to set aside that program and try something new, you are welcomed to come to my office for a Raindrop session and we will see what it does for you. Otherwise, carry on as usual and I'll go home." I handed her my card and with that, I left.

Surprisingly, the woman called and when the pivotal day arrived, was again poised to launch into verbal diatribe, which no doubt would have been endless. Up went the hand along with the invitation to STOP ... mind you, this woman could not turn her head nor open her jaw but clearly had become so stuck in that familiar pattern that even the pain and misery didn't deter her from it.

First, I offered a drop of the Valor oil blend with the suggestion to smear it from the base of the neck to cranial base and INHALE deeply.

Then another drop of Valor to swipe up the jaw line to the temples.

Next, a drop of the PanAway oil blend, same instructions.
Yes indeed, she LIKE.

And finally, a drop of Peppermint to drive in and amplify the other oils.

I turned away for but a second, and when I looked again, her jaw was dropping to full extension with absolute ease and with a look of pure bemusement, she slowly turned her head at approximately 90% range of motion both ways with only a pinch of discomfort to the far right.

"Now then Madam, are you ready to begin your session?" With a nod, she was quickly settled on the table and I began layering the oils.

An hour or so later, a whole other woman arose from the table. I inquired about her comfort level; she appeared quite relaxed and fluid, even dreamy.

"How does it feel to be you in that body now? Can you imagine a markedly different experience when receiving your next chiropractic adjustment?" Indeed she could.

The use of imaging is so powerful; for instance, imagine how it must have been to receive an adjustment before this session? No doubt hellish for both the patient and doctor. Kind of like trying to adjust an oak tree that might shatter at any moment.

I never did see this woman again. Her funds were limited and I certainly had introduced some new ideas. Who knows how all that was received? A year later, the Administrator mentioned the woman and said, "You have no idea what you did for her... she has never been the same since that treatment.

A full 360 degree transformation." It seems she had let go a lot of accumulated emotion, much of it unresolved rage towards her father.

Some times, its just one encounter or two and our job is done. I often tell this story during oils classes as a truly astounding example of how the oils can accomplish in seconds what no words could ever manage. Miraculous really.

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