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Using Essential Oils For Healing Canine Surgery

Author: Randy W.
Date: 10-06-2009
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Two weeks ago on Labor Day weekend, my daughter and I were walking our two Italian Greyhound/Terrier mixes, Chazworth and Bonny Jeane, when a neighbor's dog (not wearing his electric fence collar) tore out of his yard and lunged into Chazworth. The dog brutally attacked Chazworth with the clear intent of killing him. It took over a minute for us to try to unlock this 70 lb dog's grasp on Chas, whose small 16 lb body was whirling around like he was in a clothes dryer.

Once back home, I applied Purification to the only wound that I could see and then rushed Chaz to the emergency hospital where he had surgery to stitch up his wounds in three places. Miraculously and truly by God's grace, there was no damage to any internal or external organs and the prognosis: full recovery. The emotional trauma to my daughter and I, the attack dog's owner, and our two dogs, was painful in its own rite. I spent the entire afternoon dealing with my shock and grief by pouring through two books: Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell, and the essential oils reference book. Having these two books on hand, along with my own rather sizeable apothecary of Young Living essential oils provided me with profound hope and confidence that we could help Chaz to heal.

Later that night when Chaz returned home from the hospital, his body was shaved and the skin on his swollen belly/abdomen and upper thigh was a deep pomegranate-red. We received antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, but no topical medication. They suggested hot compresses to begin the next day. At 1:00 AM we were awakened to the sound of his moaning in pain. We returned to the emergency hospital to be told that his vital signs were good, but they could do nothing more for the pain. The doctor also said that dog bites are particularly difficult to heal because of the vast amount of tissue destruction. She said that it was likely to take a good month before the tissue would regenerate and the skin would be back to normal.

The next morning, I took a clean washcloth, soaked it in hot water, applied Ortho Sport, Lavender (skin first aid), Helichrisum (regenerating/anti-inflammatory/calming) and Peppermint (pain), and applied it to Chaz's very tender wounds, the drainage tube and his stitches. The pup instantly stopped moaning, sighed and immediately went to sleep. I repeated this multiple times throughout the day and into the next day. I also rubbed a mixture of V-6 and Frankincense into Chaz's paws to calm him down and provide a "systemic boost".

By Day 3, there were remarkable signs of improvement. The swelling was gone and the skin was several shades lighter than before. On this third day, I made up a brew of Ortho Sport, Lavender, Rosewood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile and Peppermint-concentrating on tissue-regenerative oils. I applied this mixture to chaz's wounds with the palm of my hand. I did this several times a day. I also introduced LavaDerm Cooling Mist and applied this several times a day as well. LavaDerm was especially helpful in the middle of the night when Chas would wake up in discomfort. I could just roll over and spritz him and we could all return to sleep!

In the meantime, I ordered and received Melrose, Idaho Tansy and Animal Scents Ointment. By Day 5, I was brewing and applying various combinations, and sealing this with the soothing Animal Scents Ointment. (I have to admit to rubbing the residue of the ointment on my legs....amazing!!!!) By this time, Chaz allowed me to apply the oils to all the niches of the wounds with my fingers.

On Day 6, I took Chaz to his vet to have the drainage tube removed. Our dog's abdominal skin was nearly completely healed. The scars on his thigh were practically unnoticeable. Chaz's doctor said that the progress was remarkable.

Chaz was very nervous during this process and having removed the tube, the doctor was not able to clean him as thoroughly as he would have liked. I had anticipated this and brought along Ortho Sport and Purification and so right there in the office, I applied this mixture with my hands to the affected areas.

It is now two weeks to the date of the attack. Chazworth had his stitches removed yesterday. Today his belly/abdomen area is completely back to its original color. The only remnants of the incident that can be seen are where the drainage tube and stitches were, and these are quickly healing. Chaz is back to chasing squirrels with Bonny Jeane, squeaking his toys, eating enthusiastically, spirit and sense of humor intact, etc.

My family and I are in awe at the healing process. To watch this dog's resilient body heal, his tissue regenerate literally before our eyes has been nothing short of a miracle. I want to note that I am not a nurse and have never had any experience with this sort of thing before. I relied solely on two wonderful books, a "priceless" collection of oils, and my own intuition. With respect to Young Living's careful wording of the results from their oils, I must say that words are unnecessary-Chaz's beautiful body speaks for itself.

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