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Ear Infection & Permanent Hearing Loss Reversed

Author: Wendy R.
Date: 09-26-2004
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I have used Young Living oils for about three years now. I wasn't very active in the beginning, buying Peppermint oil on occasion, just because I liked the taste of it. Then one day I was reading the latest copy of Essential Edge and read about a gal who had a daughter that always got ear infections so she tried Lavender oil and the ear infections went away.

So I decided to try Lavender for my daughter. Since she has been 18 months old, we had to take her to the doctor for one ear infection after another. Nothing would clear them up. Tubes were finally put in when she was about 3 and then again when she was 4 1/2 to 5. They also removed her adenoids during the last surgery.

She would still get sick, but her ears didn't hurt as much.....they just oozed with infection. And then after sleeping all night, she would wake up in the morning with so much phlegm and crap in the back of her throat that she would cough and cough until she would vomit.

During the winter months this was a morning ritual! And as a result of all of the ear troubles and the two sets of tubes, she was left with "permanent" hearing loss. The specialist didn't want to do another surgery until we got all of infection cleared up, and it never cleared up!

So he wanted us to give our daughter, 6 at this time, Sudafed for 6 to 8 months....daily.....4 times a day. Then, if that resolved it, he would consider doing the surgery that would be needed to regain her hearing. This is when I read about the Lavender and thought....Sudafed is bad for adults and I don't really want to have to give it to her for 8 MONTHS, so what have I got to lose?

Well, I started using Lavender on my daughter, putting it on her feet and on her ears every night. I started that in June of 2002. And every year shortly after the school year would start, our local AEA did a hearing screening of all the kids in school. The AEA knew us very well, they had been screening my daughter's hearing every three months since she had been in preschool.

And every time they screened her, a letter would come home stating that she had a 25% to 50% loss in her left ear and a 50% to 75% loss in her right. We would communicate regularly about what the doctors were saying and what the latest plan of action was. The loss was affecting her experience at school...she couldn't hear!!

And she was falling behind. Anyway, when she started school that fall of 2002, the AEA did their screening and we received a letter again, this time with a big old smiley face on the front of it. It said, "Your daughter's hearing is back to normal!! Yeah!! What did the doctors finally do this time?" Now, we had done nothing!! No sudafed, no surgery, nothing but use the Lavender oil. How amazing! She is now in 3rd grade and to date her hearing is superb.

We have no more ear infections, no more "crap" oozing out, no more coughing in the morning. In fact, we visit the doctor two times a year, just to have our wellness checks and boy are we ever well! I just could never thank Young Living enough for making such a wonderful line of products.

I could never put in to words how these oils have literally CHANGED our lives!! To see your children suffer is so painful, especially when there is nothing you can do to help them. And that is how my husband and I felt. Many nights were spent in tears because we thought we were doing everything we could to help our child, and it wasn't working. AND THEN.....SHE COULD HEAR!! IT'S PRICELESS!!

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