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Conquering Recurring Pneumonia And Bronchitis

Author: Mark B.
Date: 04-17-2009
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For about the past 10 years I have developed pneumonia in January each year, which would take from 1.5 to 3 weeks to clear up with or without medication. After the pneumonia was cleared out of my lungs, however, I would have bronchitis that would take anywhere from 1.5 up to 4 months to clear up. Needless to say, this was a very tiresome thing to deal with.

This year, 2009, a friend of mine introduced me to the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Now, I am a skeptic but consider myself to be an honest skeptic. So, you can imagine my thinking when Steve first introduced me to the oils. Yep, I was thinking, "Oil Shmoil. How can an oil be any more effective than a good organic diet?"

When I developed the pneumonia this January I called Steve and asked him what he had that he thought could help, thinking the whole time that I was simply going to debunk something with my own personal experience.

Well, Steve came over that evening, Saturday, 01/10/2009, with his essential oils reference book. He looked in the book and instructed me to heat some water on the stove and put it into a ceramic mug, which I willingly did. Then he put several drops of several different oils into the cup of hot water and had me drink it.

I'm telling you that it tasted so bad it would've gagged a dragon! That stuff was exquisitely NASTY! And I was still thinking that it was simply some type of snake oil stuff, even though it was all pure and organic.

The next day I couldn't even get up to go to church. But the shocking surprise came at 7:10 pm, only 21 hours after taking that oil concoction, I woke up lying flat on my back and took a full, clear breath of air!

I sat bolt straight up in bed and breathed as deeply as I could, thinking that I must have been sleeping for days. But when I looked at my phone I realized the true time period that it took to clear up. 21 HOURS!!

The bronchitis hung on but it was completely gone within 10 days as well! It was less time than it took me to ever get over the pneumonia part of this annual sickness.

Folks, the oils work. They help the body do what God intended it to do when He designed and created mankind - be healthy!

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