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Emotional Shock And Bruise From A Hard Fall

Author: Marianne Perna
Skill: Kinesiologist
Location: QLD, Australia
Posted: 03-27-2009
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Recently my aged mother had a nasty fall as a compliment of a car door. She was knocked off her feet, as the car reversed, and fell very heavily on the stone driveway. She sustained a nasty cut on her elbow, severe bruising and also knocked her head hard against the ground.

Initially she was very shocked and didn't think she would be able to get up. She doesn't have a lot of mobility and only has limited strength in her legs. I got her to sit still and raced inside for my oils and anything else I had that could be of assistance. I grabbed lavender, helichrysum and Valor (all Young Living Oils) and Bach Rescue Remedy, Arnica and Calendular homeopathic remedies and an ice pack.

My primary goal was to make sure she hadn't sustained major injuries. We put helichrysum on her bleeding wound, then lavender on the swelling and on her head. She took the Bach's remedy for her initial shock. It took some time but we eventually got her sitting in the car and I gave her some more homeopathics. We keep applying the lavender and helichrysum. She was about to go out and still wished to so I got her to keep the ice against her elbow, which by now was showing signs of a fall. She was able to go to her meeting and feel a part of the group.

The next day the bruising was showing through nicely and the lump on her head had also reduced although again she was badly bruised. The amazing part however is that she showed no other signs of being knocked over, and several weeks along still is rejoicing that she was so well attended. My mother is 84 years young and likes to tell her story to any who will listen.

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