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Lyme Disease And Oregano Oil

Author: Gwyn Engelken
Location: VT, United States
Posted: 07-09-2008
Views: 8,506
Word Length: 174
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I have been battling Tertiary Lyme Disease for almost six years now. According to the specialist I've had it for at least 16 years with how infested my body is. Having used many methods both "conventional" and "non-conventional" to treat it, some have worked better than others for various facets of the disease, I know what "die-off" or Herxheimer reaction feels like.

I started using Oregano oil several months ago. It absolutely creates die-off and therefore works like an antibiotic (that works). I am still taking it and play around constantly with the dose (how many capsules) but I am no longer taking any "conventional" antibiotics. The Oregano certainly works as well as any oral or IV antibiotic I have been on and better than, at least, most. I mix Oregano 50/50 with an Omega 3,6,9 oil and fill 00 capsules. I started with 10 a day and adjust based on die-off and what I want to be doing for the next day or two...It's amazing just how much I can control my "Herxing"!

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