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Brown Recluse Spider Bite While In A Greenhouse

Author: Deborah B.
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Date: 07-01-2008
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I worked in a green house for a few days helping my friend who is a grower. There are lots of spiders in a greenhouse and I dressed appropriately. I came home, showered and climbed in bed.

At about 2 am I awoke as though someone had stabbed me in the chest! I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I turned on a light and saw a huge round circle starting to raise up fast. The pain was unreal!

I washed it with cold water but not before running back to my bed and looking in the sheets and blankets. Nothing! No sign of anything . I turned on all lights and searched everywhere but was feeling dizzy.

Back to the bathroom, I came awake enough to know that I needed to call for help. I called the hospital but was starting to fall to the floor. I was dizzy and getting very weak. Breathing was getting harder.

While I was on hold for the Triage Nurse, I grabbed my oils. I started pouring the Purification oil blend on the swollen area, now the size of my fist. Immediately I massaged it and waited 1 minute and added the Thieves oil blend. And then again Purification.

The RN came on and said "There is nothing we can do unless you bring the spider or whatever bit you". I said, I cannot find anything and I am on the ground unable to drive. She said, "Well, call an ambulance".

Meanwhile I applied more Purification and felt as though I could breath a bit. I placed Peppermint on my temples to awaken me fully. The bite raised up with a white center became extremely hot and very inflamed and enlarged. It was so close to my heart!

Bright red circles raised and in the middle became a hard section with 2 sets of fang marks very clearly defined! Liquid started pouring out of my wound. The skin started falling off as I rubbed in the oils. It scared me to death because that is what I had read about brown recluse spiders - the skin starts to ulcerate from the venom!

I had to grab a wash cloth to catch the liquid, then I realized it was poison! The RN said "Hold on, here's our specialist" who proceeded to tell me there are no brown recluse spiders in California. It must be a brown woolly spider.

I looked on my computer at UC Davis' site for spiders (on the floor, still too weak to stand). Everything I was feeling was described by others who were bit. Three other people in my field of landscaping were also bit in the past 18 months.

I kept pouring on the 2 oils and adding more to my feet and neck and temples. Within 2 hours, I could stand and grabbed an ice pack to take down the swelling. I drove myself to the hospital and they said, "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!"

I was very sick for 40 days. I finally went to see my doctor He did a test on me, and turned around and said, "You've been bit 2x by brown recluse spiders! No wonder you are exhausted! But you are here to tell about it, however, you are full of toxins from it!"

The wound stayed on my breast for about 9 months the size of a 50 cent piece. Then it faded, although I kept using the oils including Lavender to aid the wound. I never itched and the skin that came off came back fully.

I was at the same greenhouse, a friend was with a toddler and was bit by a black widow while there. I grabbed the Purification from my truck and applied a few drops on her. She was getting very dizzy and ill. I gave her the Purification and took her home. She is a surgical RN. She is now sold on the oils too!

I am NEVER without Purification and my Emergency Kit of oils in my truck and purse! I have used them over and over to help people.

I thank God for these oils everyday! They are a true gift.

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