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The Cat Was In Bad Shape

Author: Annamarie D.
Skill: Massage Therapist
Date: 05-08-2008
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On April 22, my best friend's 7 month old munchkin kitten suddenly took ill. We were outside gardening, by the time we came in it was awful to look at him!

He was walking around 'crooked' and could not lift his head, he was not eating or drinking at all... looked almost like his neck was broken and just bobbled around or maybe like he had a stroke - we just didn't know. He couldn't even lay down normal... it was so sad!

Well, we rushed him to the vet. The vet told Sharon he thought it was a virus attacking his brain or inner ears but without some very expensive blood work he would not know for sure. My friend, being on a fixed income could not afford $300 or more for these tests.

The vet advised her not to even waste her money because he felt it was just too late and gave her an antibiotic and sent her home. The vet said, "Just make life comfortable for him." One friend told her she was 'cruel' for not having Bailey put down!!

On the drive home, I said to my friend, "Baloney! If it really is a virus , I have oils for that so don't worry!!" I got my essential oils reference book, looked up Bailey's problems (digesting his food, virus, maybe a bacteria) and picked oils and prayed.

I choose the Thieves, DiGize and Melrose oil blends. I put about 3-4 drops of each oil in a cup and then added about 20 drops of V-6. I told my friend to put the mixture on his paws at least 3x a day.

In 3 days he was eating... in 4 days his appetite was completely back and he was eating and drinking all alone plus he was now holding his head up high and not walking crooked any longer! By day 5... he was running and jumping back up on the furniture no longer hiding away in his pet taxi! By day 7, he was completely back to normal.

On May 5, she took Bailey back for a check-up and the vet almost fell over when he walked into the exam room and saw him. He asked my friend, "What have you been giving him?"

He KNEW it was NOT the antibiotic that saved him! She told him my friend has these therapeutic oils... Now the vet wants me to bring him information as he is so blown away by Bailey's change in such a short period of time.

Oh, and the best part... for the first time since she has had Bailey, he has finally gained weight... 9 oz during that 10 day period of time! Something he has NEVER done and the vet was always concerned about it!

The vet told Sharon, "Don't stop whatever you are doing!"

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3.Associated topics: infection — "[We] investigate[d] antimicrobial treatment of an infected [Staphylococcus aureus] cochlear implant, undertaken in an attempt to salvage the infected device.... 5 percent tea tree oil completely eradicated the biofilm following exposure for 1 hour.... Treatment of infected cochlear implants with novel agents such as tea tree oil could significantly improve salvage outcome."Link
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