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Heart Palpitations Stopped With Aroma Life

Author: Mary Lake
Location: HI, United States
Posted: 03-14-2008
Views: 4,188
Word Length: 200
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My nephew who has several health challenges, was about to eat his lunch when all of a sudden he just stopped talking and sort of froze, not moving at all. I realized something had happened and asked what was wrong.

After several seconds he said that he was having palpitations which he had not had in a long time. I had my oils with me and quickly dropped about 3 drops of Aroma Life in his hand, told him to rub his heart area and smell the oil. He did that and in seconds he made a funny sound. I didn't know how to take that sound, it scared me. So with my eyes wide open and my heart pounding, I waited to hear what happened, he said, "It just ended, the palpitations just stopped. My beating is back to normal".

I breathed easier, I told him that Aroma Life is really good for the heart, also had him breath and rub Ylang Ylang, which he really liked. I myself have palpitations at times and am always stocked with Aroma Life and Ylang Ylang. Young Living Oils are the best. Nothing comes close to you. Thank you Gary Young

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