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Hearing Aid Use Led To Frequent Ear Infections

Author: Adrianne R.
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Date: 11-17-2007
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My husband who was born partially deaf, more so in the left ear, started wearing hearing aids more regularly the past 3 years since we adopted our son.

Since wearing the hearing aids he has had more ear infections (pain/swelling, etc.) After seeing the ear specialist numerous times it was discovered he needed to take extra special care to be sure his ear would dry out after showers, swimming and perhaps take the hearing aids out more often during the day. Since I have known him he uses alcohol to help dry out the moisture (which I am beginning to wonder about).

To me it seemed his challenges would flare up during stress as well. The whole month of August he worked every weekend and very crazy long hours during the week. The environment in his office is awful. I feel the negativity as soon as he walks in the door.

Anyway, his left ear began to bother him day 2 of convention. He did not attend this year as he stayed in DC with our son. He and my son used the pool in the hotel the day before. He also felt depressed which I think was due to the fact he was finally calming down from his work schedule. When I brought back the treasured bottle of RutaVaLa his mood started to shift.

We tried some of the Inner Defense and Thieves oil but he got impatient and called his Dr and ended up picking up a prescription for ear drops. We were also away the whole week after convention and attended a water park. He continued with his drops.

One week ago Saturday the pain started up again really bad. He was back to work one full week again with a ridiculous schedule and the horrible moral. He went to the ear Dr and the Dr checked behind his nose also and found it to be red and inflamed so he prescribed cortisone. I said "For what?" My husband couldn't explain. He called the Dr. back and he couldn't give any real explanation for the cause just a nasty infection.

I asked my husband if he truly wanted to take the medication. He said "no" and if he would be willing to give it until Monday morning and be open to receiving oils for healing. He said "yes". I reminded and shared with him of Gary's work and mission, how when my back was completely locked for several days 3 years ago and received immediate relief from a Raindrop Technique. And how when our son was 90% covered with hives from an allergic reaction was relieved with oils within 10 minutes.

I suggested we saturate his system. We started with 3 Inner Defense then 3 more a couple hours later and a capsule of Thieves, Oregano and Frankincense 3 x / day until Monday then drop to 2 for a couple more and then 1 for the rest of the week. He also rubbed Lavender oil around the area of discomfort in front of the ear and behind (I got this one from a couple of the testimonies on the testimonial site). After the first round of Inner Defense he had some diarrhea I mentioned to him it was mostly likely due to the toxins coming out. He looked puzzled but trusted what I was saying. This was the first time my husband was consistent and willing to be truly serious about helping himself.

By Sunday morning the pain was alleviated. And I am happy to share one week later he is feeling much better and pain free. He has also made a decision to look for another job finally more local and less crazy hours. You think it might be from using RutaVaLa?

Thank you for reading.

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