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How I Resolved A Drain Fly Infestation!

Author: Janis E.
Date: 09-02-2007
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When we moved into our current apartment 9 years ago, we immediately noticed that there was some kind of insect infestation relating to the sinks throughout the apartment. Tiny little gnat-like bugs would fly out of them, and then rest on nearby walls and surfaces. They were slow flying and easy to squish with a finger -- but an annoyance nonetheless.

I had a professional exterminator look at them years ago, and he determined that they are "drain flies". He injected my drains with poisonous foam, and suggested that I pour straight bleach down the drains at night, and let it sit in the drains all night long. But in spite of these measures, the problem continued (flaring up at times more than others, but always present).

I quickly gave up on the bleach treatments because it was rusting the metal around our drains, and it smelled terrible! Although these little gnats bothered me, I learned to live with them since the only way to get rid of them was to replumb the apartment -- and that was not a possibility. However, I continue to "squish" them each time I see them (3-10 times a day).

Several days ago, I decided to try Thieves Essential Oil just for fun. What could it hurt? So before going to bed that night, I put ONE DROP of Thieves in each of my drains, and covered the drain with an upside down bowl (to concentrate the oil in the drain as much as possible).

The next day, I didn't see even ONE drain fly all day. Coincidence? I wasn't sure. So I tried again the next night. Still no drain flies! I did it a third night. Zero drain flies all day. I have not seen ONE drain fly in 3 days!

As a side benefit, my sink area smells wonderful! The fragrance of Cinnamon and Clove oil beats BLEACH any day!

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bugs-/-insects,bug-repellent-/-deterrent - "Thujaplicin, a minor component of Aomori Hiba [Hinoki], showed rather strong antifungal activity against seven kinds of plant-pathogenic fungi.... Thujaplicin and hinokitiol (the major component of Aomori Hiba [Hinoki]) also showed clear antibacterial activity against Legionella pneumophila SG 1 and L. pneumophila SG 3 [Legionnaires disease, pneumonia].... This compound showed strong insecticidal activity against Reticulitermes speratus [termites], and it also had clear acaricidal [ticks, mites] activity against Dermatophagoides farinae [house dust mites].... [T]he strong cytotoxic effect of Thujaplicin on murine P388 lymphocytic leukemia cell line [CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia] should be emphasized...."Link

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