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My Spider Bite Ordeal And How The Oils Helped

Author: Michelle O.
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Date: 08-01-2007
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First let me say that if you believe you were bit by a brown recluse spider or a black widow and are unsure as how to treat it, feel scared, worried, etc. - please seek medical attention right away.

The first sign was what I thought was just a mosquito bite. Intuition told me to put Purification on it to kill the venom and Lavender for the itch. Hindsight I will ALWAYS put Purification on mosquito bites now because that's how most spider bites first appear to be and could become serious. So it's a preventive measure.

As I itched the site it became worse. I noticed that the 'mosquito bite' was getting bigger. It was red, itchy and swollen. It was now as large as 2x2 inches. It itched about 10 times a day. I showed a co-worker and she suggested it may be a spider bite. This was already a week since I first noticed it so now I was on the web and in the Essential oil desk reference for what to do.

Ok so if you ever looked up spider bites at this point one would normally freak out. I never realized what a little spider bite could do! But my fear did not turn into worry/over concern because I knew I had the best essential oils in the world, and that belief, I feel, really helped the 'poison' not get out of control. Something within me just knew I would be OK. Not that I shouldn't take care of it, but escalating the situation would not help, and could lead to the manifestation of unwanted symptoms.

I watched the area all the time. I applied Purification about 10 times a day, especially when it itched. I DID NOT itch it as I believe this 'ignites' the poison to travel, which you DON'T want to happen, since I saw that when I itched the area grew - sometimes I felt itching inches away from the bite area! I took an oral essential oils anti-biotic formula 3 times a day - 5 drops of Thieves, 2 drops of Frankincense and 2 drops of Oregano - to protect from blood poisoning. I also applied ImmuPower in the morning and before bedtime to help my immune system fight this. Don't take spider bites lightly! This all gave some relief.

However, the site was growing a little bit and I felt I needed to do a little more. I read that Epsom salts would help and was told by a pharmacist that regular salt would work just as well. So I applied warm-hot compresses using filtered water and sea salt. I immediately felt a difference. The swelling went down and it appeared less red. I then followed up with Purification on the site.

About a week from feeling the first itch the symptoms now are: itching only about 3 times a day (I again don't itch and instead apply Purification keeping it by my bed stand for night time use since the itch literally wakes me up), the site has stopped spreading, it is a lot less red, it's not swollen and has little pimple-like white bumps with a 'crust' appearing on each bump. I believe this is the poison being drawn OUT of the body by the oils.

After about 2 weeks I noticed I was getting more relief from the salt compresses and that the oils were causing it to itch more! I believe the area started to 'over-detox'. So I stopped the oils and did the salt compresses about 3 times a day. After about 3 days all visible signs of the bite were gone with only some itching remaining but less and less every day.

So I don't know what it was that bit me but I hope this helps anyone that finds that their mosquito bite is more than that!

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