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My Experience With Lou Gehrig's Disease

Author: Virginia N.
Skill: Nurse
Date: 07-31-2007
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In 2004, I was diagnosed with ALS by three neurologists. Since my primary neurologist advised me to, "Go home. Get your affairs in order and enjoy whatever time you have left." I recognized I had to search for help on my own.

This is what I did to help myself when diagnosed with ALS.

* Went to my acupuncturist who saw me every 2 weeks and treated me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She also acted as my quarterback since the neurologist had no other options for me.

* I completed a will and an Advanced Directive for Health Care.

* Went to a Biologic Dentist and had all my mercury fillings removed.

* Used an oral chelation spray twice a day.

* Removed all sugar, chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners from my diet and ate as organically as possible. I also began following a vegan diet following the John McDougall website.

* Read the book," Eric is winning! I" found it on the Internet when I googled ALS.
The last chapter of his book is entitled "things I wish I would have done sooner". I started doing these things right away.

* Read the book," A Mouth Full of Poison" by Dr. Myron Wentz.

* Received a Raindrop Technique session every week using the Dallas method and Young Living Essential Oils. Since the molecular weights of these organic oils are low enough, they can cross the blood/brain barrier and go to the source of the problems. Oils in sequence: the Valor oil blend, Oregano, Thyme, Basil (or Balsam Fir) Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram and Peppermint.

* I began taking 800 mg CoQ10 twice a day.

* I meditated on positive things and prayed every day for my body to do the work it had been created to do.

* I deleted everyone from my immediate circle who was negative or was perceived by me as emotionally draining.

* I continued to exercise every day. Mostly, I walked my dogs.

* I had a Physical Therapy evaluation to determine my weaknesses and to help me with exercises to keep what I had strong. When I was diagnosed, my left leg would not always hold me up and I was incapable of running.

* I did not give up! Not even when the fear of what might happen to me was overwhelming in the wee hours of the night.

* I also suggest the book, The Better Brain Book by David Perlmutter MD. Chapter 17 is all about helping yourself with ALS.

Today I am quite well. My left leg is a little weaker than my right from peroneal nerve damage. I can do heavy construction work as a volunteer for my church for 8-12 hours per day. This involves many types of work (shoveling, using a pick axe, traffic control, driving heavy equipment and a great deal of walking on uneven surfaces.

I believe the Raindrop Therapy with the essential oils was a significant part of my recovery. I am grateful to my massage therapist for learning and sharing what she knew about the treatment.

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