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Dealing With CFS And Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Author: Dominie B.
Date: 06-01-2007
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I have had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis since 1982 ( Over the past 25 years, I've found various ways to manage the sleep disorder, pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness and depression.

Several essential oils help me - most remarkably the Peace & Calming oil blend for fibro fog (brain fog). It's hard to describe to those who don't have this illness, but there are times when my head feels like it is exploding and my brain is on fire. This is accompanied by utterly debilitating fatigue and a bodily misery that is unexplainable and almost unendurable. Cognitive (mental) tasks are hopeless while these symptoms are going on. It is nothing like a normal headache, a migraine, or a sinus headache. Meds won't touch it. Rest doesn't help. It can come out of nowhere and last for days.

The only thing that relieves this state of misery for me is Peace & Calming! I put 4-5 drops in the palm of my hand and lie down (more like collapsing when I am in this debilitated state...) I apply Peace & Calming to my temples and brain stem. I rub the rest into my palms, place them over my nose and inhale deeply several times.

Then I move my hands gently over my face (avoid eyes), shoulders and body, applying the oil like a veil. The horrible sensation in my head and the torturous fatigue is gone in about 10 minutes and I am able to think and function again! It is miraculous! What a blessing!

Peace & Calming also helps my travel fatigue while riding in a car. I have to wear dark sunglasses to keep my brain from becoming overloaded and shutting down from the constantly moving images entering my field of vision.

(CFIDS/ME is characterized by damage to the central nervous system--the brain--which results in dysfunctions and damage to many of the body's vital systems and a loss of normal internal homeostasis.) I put a few drops of Peace & Calming on a cotton ball and place it in the A/C vent in my car. Amazingly, my mental and physical fatigue dissipates.

My only theory as to why Peace & Calming helps is because it affects the limbic portion of the brain through the olfactory (sense of smell) system. Researchers are investigating the possibility that a malfunctioning hypothalamus gland in the brain may be the cause of FMS/CFIDS/ME. There is no known magic bullet for this illness--scientists are not even sure of the cause, although it may be viral.

Strangely, although Peace & Calming restores my mental function and energy when I am depleted, it also helps me relax and calm down when my system is too hyped up. Perhaps this oil restores or balances the function of the regulatory glands in the brain, or maybe fights viruses that are interfering with their function?? I don't know. I am not a doctor!

I have recommended Peace & Calming to others, and some have told me it helps them with insomnia. Most people with FMS/CFIDS/ME suffer from a sleep disorder. Mine is severe, requiring sleep meds for the past 20 years. Peace & Calming helps me calm down for sleep and relax.

There are other oils that help me - the Relieve It oil blend for pain, the Joy oil blend for depression, Lavender for relaxation and skin problems, Peppermint for indigestion etc, but I must say that Peace & Calming is my favorite oil so far and absolutely necessary for my well-being.

P.S. If anyone with FMS/CFIDS/ME has unexplained chest tightness and pressure(like a band going around the lungs and middle of the body) with dry coughing and has found an oil that helps, please let me know.

I have tried all of the respiratory oils and they don't help this condition. Prescription inhalers don't help either. A pulmonologist said my lungs are fine - he thinks my problem is caused by costochondritis (inflammation of the sternum) frequently seen in FMS/CFIDS/ME patients.

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