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Palo Santo Oil For Broken Bones

Author: Dale Vinicur
Location: TN, United States
Posted: 03-05-2007
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About a year ago when I was 60 I broke my wrist (first time ever with a broken bone). From the beginning, & including just before casting, I began to douse the area with therapeutic grade essential oils like helichrysum & wintergreen for pain & lemongrass for circulation, plus a sample I had gotten from a friend of a new oil from Ecuador called palo santo we'd heard was excellent for bone healing.

I dripped all these oils down the cast every day, & in only three weeks, the cast came off. I never had any itching or odor or pain, & my skin stayed in great condition. The doctor wasn't convinced of the oils connection, but his assistant said she had never seen such a quick wrist heal - especially in a 60 year old woman!

I also had a small ganglion cyst on that same wrist, plus a little arthritis, plus a "trigger thumb" (repetitive motion condition) - all of which were also gone when the cast came off & have not returned!

Over time of using the oils on wrists & ankles, & taking internally (therapeutic grade oils only), I am pleased to say I have no problems with arthritis anywhere.

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