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Gunk In My Sinuses Created Chronic Pressure

Author: Benny D.
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Date: 02-28-2007
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I'm stunned right now. For about the past year and a half, I've had chronic sinus infections, seven of them to be exact. I'm convinced it became fungal because, when the antibiotics would clear the infection, I could still feel a sludgy kind of junk in my sinuses.

I also made the correlation of my sinus infections with the exact timing of a burst pipe in our house which took months for insurance to clean it up. I'm 100% certain there is mold and fungus in my crawl space, so as a result it was affecting me. I have a history of allergies to molds and dust and have seasonal allergies.

I just ended my last round of antibiotics two days ago. Last night I could feel the pressure in my sinuses growing, and I was devastated. I just received my essential oils and was layering the oils topically and inhaling them, and then I read here at of someone ingesting 10 drops of the Thieves oil blend and swabbing his nose with the Purification oil blend. That was it!

Within an hour I had purchased capsules, made my Thieves capsule, ingested it, swabbed my nose... and within ONE HOUR I was noticeably better. It was probably sooner, but I didn't acknowledge it because I didn't want to be disappointed.

I took another one today when I got up, another at lunch, and then one tonight after dinner. I've NEVER EVER felt this good in years! My ears are actually popping, and I can hear better and have my energy back. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!!!

If I have to take Thieves the rest of my life, so be it. Not a big deal at all. I'm a believer, and now I'm going to become a distributor! I'm so thankful that my Young Living distributor happened to find me!

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