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I Got Hit By A Truck

Author: Annette Q.
Date: 06-30-2004
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On February 12, 2004, I was standing in the crosswalks at an intersection looking at crossing traffic. The reason I was in the crosswalks & not on the sidewalk is because there was an illegally parked delivery truck 1/2 way in the walk. As I looked up & down the street, I then felt something against my right knee. I looked down & saw the bumper of the truck pressing into my leg.

While I like to think my agility of a professional concert dancer had me leap out of the way, I believe the truck helped me out in that aspect. I did happen to have some PanAway in my purse (actually, I keep the whole Essential 7 kit in my purse) which I applied to my knee area as soon as I was able to get to my business lunch.

When I got home, I applied Valor, more 'discomfort-relieving oils' (PanAway, Aroma Siez and Relieve It) Marjoram & Cypress with Regenelone on top of it all. These are the oils I'd use on a daily basis. What is so amazing is that I had no pain or discomfort after using these oils. I just applied them at first sign of discomfort. I also supplemented with AgilEase. If I'd had Polyzyme, I'd have taken that as well. (I've muscle tested Sulfurzyme and it's a supplement I don't need, go figure?)

I went to an MD for legal purposes the next day. Basically it was a waste except for the paperwork I could submit to the insurance people. I then felt that I was emotionally holding onto my feelings & fear & that it was beginning to 'set' into my body. Not wanting this, I applied Release oil not only to my leg but to my right medial deltoid (shoulder) which was more painful than the knee (shows me the truck really did push me aside), my spine & liver. I felt that I had to move my body so I popped in a yoga tape (not smart in hindsight) & within a minute & started to have a deep emotional release. I sobbed deeply releasing all the pent up stuff inside. I sobbed through out my yoga practice (wasn't easy to hold myself up in certain poses due to the oils on my hands) & after I just lay on my matt crying. My husband, Kevin, came in, gathered me into his arms & just held me for at least another 1/2 hour. I felt so much lighter & clearer afterwards.

A week later, I went to a chiropractor (the soonest appt available) who had me on an aggresive treatment plan. It was 3x a week for 8 weeks! For my assessment visit, I sat there in the waiting room & my oils wore off. I was in so much pain that I couldn't even see straight. I thought I was going to pass out. I almost put on my oils but I realized that it would be best for the doc to examine me in my 'natural' state without support of any kind.

As soon as I was able to get back into the waiting room, I pulled out my oils. I must have looked like a drug addict or alcoholic I was shaking so badly getting my oils out. I could barely get the lids open. Again, within seconds, all pain/discomfort disappeared. The doctor told me 'NO YOGA!!!' but did allow me to begin swimming about a week earlier than planned as well as going back to yoga earlier than originally he said I could. He did comment that my body took well to chiropractic. I told him about the oils & he said, 'Oh, that's nice..' In the meantime, I'm back to working out & I'm having no repercussions.

One more thing. After my X-rays were taken, we discovered I have (had?) scoliosis & reverse curve in my neck. I do what I can to receive a Raindrop Technique session weekly. Very supportive as well. In a way, it was good for me to not have my oils on before my assessment because it showed me really how injured I was & how supportive the oils truly are. I love my oils!

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