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I Was Hit By A Semi Truck

Author: Colleen C.
Date: 10-04-2006
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Following the Young Living Convention in SLC, Utah I am taking the new OmegaGize, NingXia Red 2-3 oz per day and the new Digest + Cleanse capsules. I am using the Complete Balance for one meal a day (dinner--and it is so yummy). I also take Vita Green and Longevity.

I started the Trio Cleanse last May because I was taking a time-released morphine that really slowed my system up; so I have no trouble in that area any longer and it also feels good to know that I am not a host to any parasites. I have been drinking NingXia Red juice since February. I have also been taking Thermaburn, Cortistop and Ultra Young, for almost that long.

I have lost 20 pounds and have worked up to swimming 5 days a week and walking daily. This is following a severe traffic accident and a year of no activity. I am coming back stronger than I was before the accident and I praise God for this and for Gary Young and all he has done to ensure quality products!

Some History

I had been rear-ended by a semi that was traveling 55 MPH, fully loaded with rock; while I was stopped. It was not a pretty sight. But, it can always be worse. Fortunately, I was in my Ford Pickup and it held up pretty good. I saw the semi coming in my rear-view mirror and I had no place to go.

It was like being hit by a locomotive as I was pile driven into a guard rail with my front right tire and drive line spewing parts of metal and rubber everywhere! I did have the presence of mind to turn my wheel to the right, so I would not be shoved into oncoming traffic that was traveling at the average speed of 65 MPH!

By impact, I had floored the gas. Had I been in a car, the semi would have gone right over the top of me. I suffered severe nerve damage to my neck/spine and head trauma. I laid in the hospital for an hour and a half, while the doctors tried to determine if my neck was broken.

Oh the thoughts that go flashing through your mind at a time like this. I was finally given the news, that my neck was NOT broken, but it was really messed up. I was thrilled at this news, However.

I have been in recovery since June of 05. I have seen many neuro surgeons who recommend surgery and say if I do not have the surgery, I will eventually lose the use of my left arm. I have suffered through many spinal injections and physical therapy for almost a year. I was in chronic pain every day of my life, following the accident.

The nerve damage caused my left arm to go numb, weak and the ache was so bad I wanted on most days, to cut it off!! Pain does crazy things to the mind. Sitting for any period of time is difficult and painful. Standing, it's the same thing. Sleeping was a whole other problem.

I started using NeuroGen on my neck and arm, along with Cypress Oil and Helichrysum Oil. I no longer deal with chronic pain, just varying degrees of pain that I control with oils. My nerve damage is being corrected with the NeuroGen, that I am sure of. I also have had 7 Raindrop Technique sessions and will forever continue to get these.

Not only has it helped my upper spine from the injury, but I was born with a crooked spine in my lower back. All my life, standing for long periods was very painful. For the first time in my life, my lower back did not hurt me. The RDT session is correcting the curvature in my spine. It is a miracle and I am truly blessed. I want to thank my up line for her many RDT sessions she has graciously given me AND for introducing me to the power of oils.

I sunk into a severe depression, as I had been working at the time of the accident so this caused me to become a casualty of Workman's Comp. Thirty days following the accident the doctor had not released me to work full time. I was asked to resign from my position of Assistant Manager for a large national company.

They offered me money and in return, wanted me to sign on the dotted line that I would not hold them accountable for the accident I was in. I had worked 6 hard years to get this promotion. I said no, I would not resign so I was then fired. Depression was imminent.

I had been relocated by this company just 6 months before the accident, 1400 miles from my home in Oregon. I was alone and very scared. What I thought was a bright future ahead of me, had all disappeared. What I thought was good fortune, had turned to bad. Because my new promotion/job was going so well, I had just purchased a home in my new state, two months before the accident.

It took me many months to get that sold before I could move back to Oregon to recover with the support of my family and friends. I lost $12,000.00 on that real estate transaction and it took another $8000.00 to get my goods moved back to Oregon.

When I did finally get back to Oregon, I was unable to get help from any doctors over there; due to the legal matters of Workman Comp laws and how they differ from state to state.

Reluctantly, after trying for 4 months in Oregon to get help, I had to move back to Colorado in May of 06 and begin again with my original WC doctor. Thank goodness he took me back on. It is October of 06 and I can't even begin to tell you how homesick I have become--but I have faith and oils. I will be fine.

My living conditions have been less than good, but I have had a roof over my head and it is what I can afford. The Lord does provide--it just might not be what we are used to. This has been good for my character.

My husband deserves a lot of kudos for his patience through all of this. His support has been so important to me. On the day of the accident, a woman at the crash site wanting to be helpful, asked if there was anybody she could call for me. I was in a Stryker board unable to move. I was grateful as she dialed the number, I lost consciousness again and I later learned that my husband did not answer the phone.

This woman (bless her heart-she was trying to help) left a message that was something like "you need to get to the hospital quick, your wife has just been run over by a semi and she is not in very good shape."

Oh Mercy--can you imagine the shock when my husband checked his messages after his meeting, 30 minutes later and 1400 miles away? He told me, later he thought I had been run over while walking or something along that line--yes--it can always be worse.

If my husband had his way, we would take care of all my medical needs with our own insurance and quit all this insanity. But, I believe that the WC insurance company needs to be accountable. That is why we have Workman Comp coverage to begin with! Besides, when I do the math on a $100,000.00 surgery (should it take place and by the time all is said and done) ---we would be responsible for 20%.

That's money that we just don't have. A lot of people wouldn't. My husband understands where I am coming from. The separation is just so hard. But, it really is for a very short time in our lives; compared to the rest of our lives.

To pull myself out of the funk I was spiraling downward in, I started using the Vetiver and Valerian oils everyday. I was getting a grip on my emotional state and it was rather quick. I needed to recover, physically and the emotional issues were getting in the way. Because western medicine always wants to write another prescription for you, it would have been easy to go that route.

I thought it was very interesting that at Convention this year, Gary Young spoke of Valerian and Vetiver oils for emotional stability. I was already using this protocol-- thanks to a wonderful woman whom at the time suggested I try these two oils--helped me through a very rough moment while I was in the grocery store of all places, crying my heart out; just on the edge--I was a mess. I now am putting the oils on my brain stem, as suggested by Gary, at convention.

In August of 06, I stood in line and spoke with Dr David Hill, following a Pre-Conference training in Golden, CO and he suggested Frankincense Oil, as I was wanting to get of the prescription I was on for controlling inflammation. He was correct and is a wonderful man.

I just went to another neuro surgeon, yesterday. It is all moving along, just very slowly and I have winter facing me, in Colorado and I drove here. EEK!! Yes, many worries and woes, but I have God and I have oils to help us all.

Thanks for letting me share my story. Oh and the best part, I am building a business with Young Living, since I needed a new job. And I am charging, full throttle, into all the training needed for me to become competent in helping people achieve their goal of optimum health. I am full of passion and so driven. I just love it.

Life is good and I do have a promising future, full of hope, when not too long ago, I was full of hopelessness. While I can't say I'm GLAD I was in this accident. I am truly at peace with it all, finally, because of the doors that have opened up to me and the wonderful people I have met along my new journey. Of course I have so much more to learn, but I am in a good place for that, now.

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