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My Experience Getting Amalgam Fillings Removed

Author: Benny D.
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Date: 06-12-2004
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Note: Not all essential oil brands are the same, and you get what you pay for. If you expect to achieve results similar to those described in this testimonial, then ensure that you are using oils from pesticide-free plants. Also, the brand should use 100% pure, high-quality essential oils that do not contain any synthetic additives. Do your own research or ask a trusted friend to find a brand that is reputable. Buyer beware.

I have written a detailed testimonial on how I personally prepared for the procedure, what I did during and how I had a fast recovery. Since we cannot diagnose and prescribe, I am merely sharing my experience and hope that it might help others who read it.

Information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. It is not for diagnostic or prescriptive use. Consult with the health authorities of your choice.


* Chronic Fatigue
* Swollen lymph nodes and burning rash on back of neck
* Chronic diarrhea
* Taste of metal in mouth
* Sensitivity to hot and cold
* Easily out of breath


* Ultra Young Oral Spray with DHEA - balance hormones
* Sulfurzyme Powder - Binds mercury so you can get rid of it
* Vitagreen - to cleanse blood and balance pH
* Master Hers - multivitamin enhanced with oils internally
* Mineral Essence- liquid minerals enhanced with oils internally
* NingXia Red juice - to build immune system and raise body frequency and energy
* Chelex - to build immune system and pull out heavy metals
* Cleansing Trio - to cleanse system and pull out heavy metals
* Longevity Capsules - to build immune system
* BEFE foot baths (1-2 per week) - Raise body frequency and pull out heavy metals
* Raindrop Technique (1 per week) - Raise body frequency and pull out heavy metals
* Ledum oil shrunk the swollen lymph nodes
* Prenolone Cream made the rash on back of neck disappear


* NingXia Red - to build immune system and raise body frequency (1 oz every 4 hrs.) Start each day with Alkalime - to balance pH (Pain cannot exist in an alkaline environment) Drank 2 TBS Sulfurzyme Powder mixed with pure water-Pain (am and pm) Also binds mercury.
* PanAway with extra Helichrysum - Pain and tissue regeneration - Applied topically on outside of cheeks.
* Cypress - Bruising and Swelling - Applied topically on outside of cheeks.
* Balsam Fir - Bruising and Swelling - Applied topically on outside of cheeks.
* Lavender - Gums and mouth blisters - Applied topically inside mouth on gums and cheeks.
* Vitagreen - to balance pH and cleanse blood.
* Ultra Young Oral Spray with DHEA balance hormones.
* Master Hers - multivitamin enhanced with oils internally.
* Mineral Essence- liquid minerals enhanced with oils internally.
* Chelex - to build immune system and pull out heavy metals.
* Cleansing Trio - to cleanse system and pull out heavy metals.
* ImmuPower - on bottoms of feet. Instead of filling my antibiotic prescription, I used the natural antibiotic formula
* Longevity Capsules - 2 to 3 per day.

BEFE foot baths:

My first BEFE after the procedure was the very next day. I released a lot of Orange and foamy garbage. I never had this happen before, but we started out with cool water and by the time we were done, the water was very warm.

Raindrop Technique - I noticed a HUGE difference in my body's ability to accept the Raindrop Technique when taking Alkalime on a regular basis


* Chronic Fatigue GONE IMMEDIATELY
* Swollen lymph nodes and burning rash on back of neck GONE AFTER 1 WEEK
* Chronic diarrhea GETTING BETTER
* GONE IMMEDIATELY Taste of metal in mouth
* GONE IMMEDIATELY Sensitivity to hot and cold
* Easily out of breath GONE IMMEDIATELY


I would take a bath in Trauma Life before arriving the day of procedure. Although Dr. Roger is the most gentle Dentist I could have ever wanted, I had my own issues and fears to deal with. I don't think I could have gotten through it with any other dentist, I used Trauma Life several times during the protocol. Dr. Roger was also using Reiki on me as well.

I had all my amalgams removed in my entire mouth the same day. It took 8 hours. I've been wanting to have this done for years. Once I committed to the action of it, the money appeared for me. A huge thing I can gladly now cross off my list that affects the quality of my life.

I thank the Universe for bringing me Dr. Roger who made me feel completely safe and taken care of!

I am also grateful for all the products that helped me in this process.

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