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Infection: Drugs Vs. Essential Oils

Author: Shauna D.
Date: 06-12-2004
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Prior to getting involved with Young Living almost 8 years ago, our health was marginal at best. For years we made trips to this area for the purpose of going to Mexico to purchase our medications (and our families medications) which saved us a lot of money.


Went to Mexico this last week, purchased no medications, shared our Young Living story instead. We stood at the border to watch Americans and Canadians by the hundreds bring their prescription drugs into the USA from Mexico.

We were saddened for them and it made us resolve in our own minds how much more dedicated we must be to help our 'lost' friends that there is a far better way to take care of ourselves. How our lives have changed since using our Young Living products and learning how to take personal responsibility for our health.

So feeling BULLET PROOF, with neither of us getting sick or having health problems, something hit me on Friday night. Swelling on the left side of my face, earache, and shooting pains from my neck to the top of my head and swollen gland under jaw bone. This was unacceptable!

People around us offered their way! Been there done that! One couple said I was "nuts" not to at least go to a doctor and get a shot or prescription. Today they are talking to themselves......"we can't believe you are better."

These people are like most, and the way we used to be. They will not become independent of using medications and are not willing to accept responsibility for themselves. Too many people have given their power to the doctors and the drug companies!

In our Jan/Feb 2001 newsletter we sent out, my upline made me up the 'natural antibiotic blend'.

* 8 Drops Frankincense
* 4 Drops of Mountain Savory
* 3-4 Drops of Oregano
* 2-4 Drops Lemon

Put in capsule and took one morning, noon and night. By that night the shooting pains stopped and gland swelling was almost gone. This is gone!

I also beefed up on Immune Tune caps, (Note: Today we would use Inner Defense capsules as Immunetune if no longer available) and the ImmuPower and Melrose oil blends (on a cotton ball and swipe around the ear). I also took Frankincense internally (3 to 4 drops several times yesterday).

Even though I have it whipped, I will continue to build my system up. I want no set backs. Besides that my pride is on the line and people are watching! Remember, when something foreign comes after you, go after it with more than usual and often. There are so many strains of viruses and bacteria out there in this old world.

So today we are more grateful to our friend D. Gary Young for providing these therapeutic products and the wisdom in teaching us how to use them.

We needed this experience just to humble us a little and to teach us by personal experience. Share your experiences! Let's create a healthy world together.

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