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A Cat Fight And The Smell Of Death

Author: Christine C.
Date: 05-19-2006
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This is an ongoing testimonial regarding my cat Tatters. I had not seen him for a couple of days, then he appeared listless on a living room chair. As I went to stroke him, his hair flew out in handfuls. I noticed the smell - that very distinct 'Smell of Death', so I carefully looked at him. Sallow, sad, no life in the eyes, could barely lift his head. He was so sad, so sick.

Then I saw it, a hole in his right ear larger than my thumbnail, on both sides of his ear. And other punctures down this side of his head. He could barely move, I think he came home to die. I got out some Rosewood. (Rosewood oil is no longer available at Young Living).

It's highly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and he had experienced a positive response with it in the past. I literally dropped it all over the outside of his ear, wherever I saw wounds. It was far too infected and sore to touch. Then I applied some Lavender oil and some Joy oil blend on the back paws to calm him. He went to back to sleep.

My other cat Magic came in, saw him, smelt him, and literally moved out. Magic stayed away for 3-4 days. This is a female always-at-home cat who is always there to eat, but not during this event. Clients arrived and asked, 'What is that smell?' And we talked about the distinct smell of death and showed them Tatter's ear.

Initially I applied Rosewood every couple of hours - I just watched the color of the infection, and as it reddened, I added oil to bring down the inflammation. By the 3rd day, it was more under control, and his eyes just glazed up with love each time I dropped oils on him. Besides Lavender and Joy, I applied the Peace & Calming and Gentle Baby blends and others as they spontaneously seemed right.

On about the fourth day, the right ear was improving and I could touch him.
I saw another almost as large hole behind the bottom of the left ear. The 'Smell of Death' was dissipating and Magic moved back in. She cautiously watched as I oiled him and slowly his vitality returned as the infection in the second ear disappeared.

The right ear is permanently bent - about 2/3rds of the original height. His personality changed - he has become a love bug - hardly goes out, and lies on my left hand when I'm on the computer keyboard. He's so appreciative, even 6 months later.

I think it was a huge shock to his system, for he seems to have arthritis in his back now. So, we use some Wintergreen with great success. Just a couple of drops onto the spine and then I can pat his back. It only takes 30 seconds to relieve the pain.

Cats and oils? In my experience they work!

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