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Cat Turned Completely Stiff And Rigid From Seizure

Author: Christine C.
Date: 05-19-2006
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My cat just took a 'turn' and went completely stiff and rigid. I suspected rigor mortis so I immediately reached for my therapeutic oils while my 16-year-old daughter was crying in the background saying 'What a silly thing to do to think an essential oil would be of any use!'

It was the only thing I had. He was now humped up and stiff like a Halloween cat - even his tail was stiff. She wanted to go to the vet. It didn't look like we had time to get there.

I put a drop of the DiGize oil blend on each front paw. Then I put some of the Trauma Life oil blend to breathe under his very sensitive nose. His dilated eyes started to reduce. Next I put some of the Joy oil blend to breathe under his nose. His eyes started to soften more.

The rigid stiffness started to soften. He lay there for 5 minutes, then slowly, weakly, got up and indicated he wanted to lay on the soft couch. I then put some of the Peace & Calming oil blend in the diffuser, and he slept soundly. That was over a year ago. He is now pushing 9 years old and going strong.

Any time I saw or suspected some abdominal tightness, (a cry when I pick him up), I reach for the DiGize. I put a drop in my hand, and hold his back feet in the oil. He does not like the smell. It works wonders on his tummy aches and dispelling parasites.

Tatters is now 11. He had a tussle - cat fights of all cat fights - with a young Siamese male. Being the much older fellow he lost big time! He was badly injured, his position as lead cat of the 40 cats in my immediate vicinity was overthrown and lost all of his 'territory'. His ego was badly bruised and his head was hanging low. He was limping, and his whole ear was the color of a ripe McIntosh apple.

With an experienced cat friend, it took 5 tries to contain him in the towel to try to clean the scabs from the ear, and apply oil. His crying would wake the dead. He was not impressed with my intervention. I used some Rosewood feeling it was gentle and would create an environment where pesky festering creatures could not survive. That was at 5 pm.

Four hours later, he was sleeping on my bed. I approached and saw the ear was about the color of a ripe peach which equaled improvement. I went for the Rosewood and a towel in preparation for reapplication. I noticed how still he was so I put the towel down.

I opened the Rosewood bottle so he would be fully aware of what I was suggesting. He watched as I put the oil on my finger, and then applied it gently to his ear. There was no battle. And that continued for the next day on a four-hour cycle.

On the third day the ear was looking very good so he objected, and jumped down. I have not applied any oil since. He is fine and all the hair is grown back. He is now out 2 hours a day instead of in 20 hours a day, and has adapted nicely to his more elderly status. His head is high, and his heart is generous to people, dogs, cats and birds that visit.

Sometimes I put some of the Gentle Baby oil blend in my hands, let it dry, then pick him up and stroke his fur. The scent is a bit floral. The roses and flower smell seems to open his heart, and he becomes extra loving. He relaxes, becomes calm and purrs a symphony. He prefers to smell like the scent of trees - Cypress, Fir, Wintergreen and Spruce so I oblige.

Oils have saved me great a great deal of expense and concern over the well being of my cats. I love them both - the cats and the oils.

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