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Flea & Tick Prevention With Purification Oil Blend

Author: Rich C.
Date: 03-15-2006
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In the Spring/Summer of 2004, I decided I wanted a dog. I hadn't had one since my teens (had cats for about 20 years), so I started researching various breeds. During this process, I learned a lot about how harmful many chemicals are to dogs, with an emphasis on small breeds.

Since my primary choice was going to be a Miniature Pinscher, I decided that my dog was NOT going to wear a flea collar...even though I had yet to figure out how to treat and prevent them.

In December of 2004, I suddenly found myself the owner of a 3-4 month old, 5.5 pound, Jack Russell Terrier (my secondary choice of breed)...which is a story in itself. Since it was winter, I decided I had a little time to research how to keep the fleas off my Grace.

Around February or March of 2005, the topic of flea prevention came up during a conversation with my aunt. She told me that for years, she'd been using an essential oil blend called, Purification, on her dogs (Collies and Papillons). At the time, I didn't know anything about essential oils, except that they were natural remedies...which is what I wanted. So, I decided to try it.

To be honest, I pretty much thought that the whole essential oil "thing" wasn't much more than "wives tails" or "folk lore." The only thing I had confidence in was my aunt...for years she's been involved in various rescue and animal therapy programs, and she knows more about canine nutrition and health than I ever will.

So, I followed her protocol on my Grace: 2 drops, once every week or between the shoulder blades, and one at the base of the tail. That was it.

During the first couple of weeks, I kept a close, skeptical, eye on Grace. My skepticism was "confirmed" when I noticed a flea or two on Grace. So much for essential oils, I thought. I griped to my aunt about it, and she insisted that this would work, and encouraged me not to give up so quickly.

So I did, and was ready to keep track of the hundreds of fleas that Grace was bound to bring into the house. After awhile, I realized I hadn't seen any fleas on her for several weeks. Her "flea count" maxed out at 3. Yes, 3 fleas is all I ever found on her, and all 3 were in the very beginning.

Now I know more about essential oils, and especially Purification. For the most part, I stick to the 2 drops to her tummy. At the time when I started this protocol, I didn't know why it worked. I was just glad it did. Months later, I was able to find the answer to this question.

The per week protocol:

If I suspect it's going to be a high-risk week, I'll add a third drop. In laboratory studies which were conducted in the late '90's, early '00's, several oils were tested against various insects as bug repellents.

When it came to fleas, the oil which had the most effective frequency (oil frequencies are a topic for another time) against fleas was Citronella. And guess what the number one oil is in Purification. You guessed it: Citronella.

Now I was finally able to understand why Purification was so effective against fleas...and my little 11 pound Grace has been flea-free ever since.

Young Living also offers a pet shampoo called Animal Scents. This shampoo contains a few Essential Oils in it, one of them being Citronella. If your dog already has fleas, this is a good way to get rid of them, and an additional way to help prevent them from returning...Grace gets a bath with this at least once a month (depending on how many mud holes she decides to play in).

Lastly, I'd just like to make one comment on ticks...I've been told that, should you ever find a tick on your dog or horse, placing one drop of Purification directly on the tick will cause it to remove its head from under the animal's skin.

Once it does that, you can safely remove it, instead of just pulling on the tick and running the risk of leaving the head buried beneath the skin. Once the tick is removed, an additional drop on the bite-area will help prevent an infection.

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