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Reversal Of Macular Degeneration Diagnosis

Author: Karen S.
Date: 01-03-2018
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I've been using Young Living Oils for about six years now, and my experiences have been life changing!

I went for my annual eye exam at my optometrist in August 2017. I'm 63 and just got my first prescription glasses a year ago. The doctor changed my prescription slightly because I'd been having difficulty seeing the computer screen and other small print, and my vision had become a bit blurry.

I got my new glasses in September, but by October, I was back in his office because the blurriness was getting worse. I'd started seeing a round, yellowish blurry spot in the center of my vision in my left eye, and it never went away. It was very annoying, and it interfered with everything. Again, he gave me a complete eye exam, and couldn't find anything wrong with my eyes, but I insisted on a referral to an ophthalmologist because I have a family history of macular degeneration. My brother has it, and my late paternal aunt had it. Her ophthalmologist told her many years ago that macular degeneration could be inherited, so everyone in the blood line should take eye vitamins daily for prevention.

I couldn't get in with the ophthalmologist until January, but my vision was worsening, so I called and asked, and they got me in immediately in November. He was a very kind, older gentleman who spent a lot of time with me and took all sorts of pictures of my retina and ran all sorts of eye tests. Finally, he told me that I had macular degeneration! I saw the pictures of my retina, and the small beginning tear! I asked him what could be done, and he said to take eye vitamins daily, and I told him I'd been doing that at least 30 years since my aunt was diagnosed! He said he was sending me to the retinal ophthalmologist specialist in the group for treatment.

I then called my brother, and he goes to the same doctors, and he told me I'd be getting shots in my eyes regularly.

So, in December, I went to the retina specialist. I've never had an eye exam like that! They used all sorts of machines, put two types of drops in my eyes, and even did an IV with dye in my arm to map the drug as it went through the veins in my macula. I was there several hours! At the end, the doctor told me, "You don't have macular degeneration! You've got very healthy macula, and I don't see anything wrong with your eyes. Your vision is nearly 20/20."

I told him that after getting my diagnosis of macular degeneration, the only thing I've done differently was to put Sacred Frankincense around my eyes every morning and night. I explained that after two days of applying the oil, the blurry yellowish spot disappeared, and my vision has been clear since, but I wanted to keep the appointment to make sure everything was OK. I told him that I was into natural healing, and I pulled out my bottle of Young Living's Sacred Frankincense and showed him. "Well, keep up what you're doing, and I think your brother should get some, too! There are a lot of things in nature that we do not understand." I said, "Well, there's some good reason the 3 Wise Men took it to baby Jesus."

I asked him if I needed to come back for follow up visits, and he said no that my eyes were very healthy, and I could just see my optometrist every year.

I read a lot after that diagnosis, and Sacred Frankincense kept coming up. I'd used the regular Frankincense around my eyes for years to dissolve milia, those hard little white cysts that get along your eyelash line. But, I'd read how special Sacred Frankincense is on the Young Living website and seen a video of how they protect these sacred trees in Oman. Young Living is the only company that has access to these trees, so it is a very rare therapeutic oil.

What happened to me is nothing short of a miracle because macular degeneration is a very debilitating condition. I did pray every time I put the Sacred Frankincense around my eyes and asked God for healing. I do believe in miracles! I saw this one with my own two eyes!

PS. As an added benefit, the Sacred Frankincense oil got rid of nearly all of my floaters. The couple that are left are slowly dissolving!

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Supporting Scientific Study
macular-degeneration,vision-/-eyesight,eyes,retina - "Researchers report that carnosic acid, a component of the herb[s] rosemary [and sage], promotes eye health. The team found that carnosic acid protects retinas from degeneration and toxicity.... Their findings suggest that carnosic acid may have clinical applications for the outer retina, including age-related macular degeneration."Link

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