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Dad Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

Author: Kimberly L.
Date: 05-03-2016
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My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. We are talking about cancer that had spread to his liver, kidneys, lungs, bones, chest cavity and his esophagus near his heart. I immediately began my research and found several items to help him. He initially chose chemotherapy unfortunately.

I ordered the highest quality Sacred Frankincense oil that I could find due to the published clinical trials on PubMed about its effectiveness. Through my research, I found that DMSO passes the skin into the blood stream and is used to take medicines subdermally.

I purchased 99.8% pure DMSO in glass amber bottles that is pharmaceutical grade. I poured Sacred Frankincense into a 15ml bottle half full. I then filled the remainder with DMSO. I shook the bottle and let set for 3 minutes for it to bind with the Frankincense.

I found in my research that DMSO is a tumor rooter. It penetrates into cancer cells and causes them to revert to a normal cell. It also acts as a trojan horse when it binds with the Frankincense and takes it with it into the nucleus of the cancer cell to kill the microbes.

You must be careful when using DMSO as it will take anything with it into the bloodstream so make sure the skin is clean and it does not come into contact with clothing or anything else for at least 20 minutes after applying.

We then used an all metal roller fitment because DMSO is a solvent and will dissolve plastic binding with it taking it into the blood stream as well. Another option is to use a glass dropper and drop it one drop at a time onto the area and rub in with a clean finger. NO RUBBER GLOVES.

My dad had a large marble-sized tumor on his cheek. It was very pronounced and the bone hurt. We rolled the DMSO / Frankincense mixture one time a day making it wet but not dripping. SHAKE EACH TIME BEFORE USING, AS IT WILL SEPARATE.

A few days later, the tumor was smaller and the bone hurt less. After 7 days the tumor was completely gone and the bone did not hurt. We were amazed.

During this time he had pain in his right side and we assumed it was from the cancer in the liver. He rolled on this same oil mixture every time he felt pain. In approximately a month all pain left and has not returned. He is also doing other healthy things to help fight this cancer.

Finally, we also used this same oil mixture on my husband's mole that turned black. It is now light brown and normal looking.

High quality essential oils are essential, so buyer beware.

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