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Miniature Horse Was Trembling With Rapid Heartbeat

Author: Donna W.
Date: 02-22-2015
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I went to feed my horses last night (2/21/2015), and my miniature horse, who is always ornery, was not looking well at all. His whole body was moving hard to the rapid heartbeat he was having. His butt was tucked under, with his head down.

I knew he wasn't well. I prayed and asked God to allow the essential oils to heal him. I went inside, did a quick search at for input, and then grabbed my reference books. I decided that my plan of action, with my vet's number ready for speed dial was the following:

* Apply the Peace & Calming essential oil blend under his nose.
* Apply Ylang Ylang essential oil under his nose.
* Apply about 5 drops of the DiGize oil blend inside his lower lip.

Apply the following mixture to his front hooves:

* 5 drops DiGize
* 5 drops Peppermint
* 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

When I left the barn at midnight, his heart rate was normal, and he was drinking water and nibbling on some hay. This morning when I went out to check on him, he was still not his 100% ornery self, but he was able to eat half an apple and some hay. And then this evening he was acting pretty normal with 50% of his ornery self back.

I am very happy to not have needed to call the vet for an emergency weekend farm visit, which would have made me feel guilty for separating him from his family. Saving the vet bill alone paid for these essential oils and more.

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1.Associated topics: heart — "Myrtle oil (MO) exerts hypoglycemic as well as mild hypotriglyceridemic activity in diabetic animals. The reduction in blood glucose level may be due to the reversible inhibition of alpha-glucosidases present in the brush-border of the small intestinal mucosa, higher rate of glycolysis as envisaged by the higher activity of glucokinase, as one of the key enzymes of glycolysis, and enhanced rate of glycogenesis as evidenced by the higher amount of liver glycogen present after MO administration."Link
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