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Monthly Ordeal With Nausea, Dizziness, Cramps

Author: Ryane T.
Date: 01-15-2015
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While I love being a woman, sometimes I almost wish I didn't have a uterus... or at least undergo so much pain from being a woman. Out of all of the female members in my family, I have been known to have the worst cramps and period symptoms.

For years I have been told to either take birth control (even though I know that can add risk for cancer and toxins due to long-term exposure) or gain weight naturally. (I am a 5'8", 115-pound, 23-year-old who has a high metabolism, and everything I eat goes nowhere).

While my weight and stature may seem as a blessing to some, every time my period arrives I wish I had a different body... no exaggeration whatsoever. Despite these recommendations from my gynecologist, these two methods have not worked very well.

Over the past year I have been experimenting with my diet, and I have reduced my intake of sweets and fatty foods the week before my period arrives. And usually my constant vigilance about my period symptoms tends to work. However, this past holiday season it was really difficult to resist the excessive holiday treats and comfort food. You just can't!

So... when my period finally arrived on New Year's Day (OH HAPPY DAY), it was a rude awakening. I was on the floor in the fetal position in the bathroom from cramps, and the room was spinning because I was dizzy and nauseous. Plus, I was home alone and really had no one to help me get meds. It was a really excruciating experience.

Finally when I was able to gain some strength, I walked to my kitchen to get the Peppermint essential oil and make a batch of chamomile tea. I kid you not... after one whiff of Peppermint oil, the nausea was all gone.

The cramps had lifted. I was stunned, and I even tested it out by walking around my house just to make sure that I did not imagine myself on the floor 10 minutes prior to my relief.

Now I know that when that time of the month arrives again, I will be sure to keep my handy-dandy Peppermint oil just in case. Now I can simply say that being a woman isn't so bad after all.

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