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Right Ear Could Not Hear Anything From New Earbuds

Author: Laura F.
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Date: 09-17-2014
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Quite by accident, I discovered that I was losing hearing in my right ear. I wanted to test out some new ear buds to make sure I could listen to music on my phone while running a 5K the next day.

I put one ear bud in my right ear and started the music. I could not hear anything. I took out that ear bud and put the other ear bud in my right ear, and still I could not hear anything.

My husband put the "free" ear bud in his ear and said he could hear the music just fine! When I switched the ear bud from my right ear to my left ear, I could hear the music also.

Shortly after that experience, I made an appointment with an ear doctor. The hearing test confirmed that I had hearing loss in my right ear. The doctor recommended a brain MRI to rule out a tumor. Thankfully, no tumor was found.

About 9 months later, my dad was diagnosed with dementia. I started researching alternative care and learned about Young Living essential oils. When I purchased the Premium Starter Kit and an essential oil for my dad, my friend gave me an essential oils reference book.

After having my kit for 3 weeks, I decided to consult the reference book for hearing loss. I had most of the essential oils needed for the protocol described. One of the things I learned in an Introduction to Essential Oils is to start using whatever oil you have because each oil has multiple properties and benefits.

I decided to follow the protocol in the book and started with the oils I already had -- plus substituted the Aroma Life oil blend for Helichrysum since I did not have that one (and it was out of stock). I layered the oils on my ear and followed the "pulling" protocol outlined in the book. I added the missing oils to my next Essential Rewards order and added them to the protocol when they arrived.

After 3 weeks of following the protocol, I was listening to a video on my computer and using my ear buds so as not to disturb my husband. After a while, I realized that the left ear bud had fallen out of my ear, and I was hearing the video only with my right ear! I continued the full protocol for another month.

Now I just apply Juniper essential oil with a drop of coconut oil to both ears at night. I apply inside the ear (not in the canal), outside the ear, along the bone behind the ear, and on the back of the neck. I apply the rest of the oil mixture to the Vita Flex points for the ears (on the two little fingers of my left hand and on the two little toes of my right and left foot).

Once I finish this bottle of Juniper oil, I will stop the regimen. If the hearing in my right ear remains good, then I won't continue to apply the essential oil. If my hearing degrades, then I will resume at least using Juniper.

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