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01-30-2015 Ocular Migraines Affected Vision In My Right Eye 4 12907
06-23-2004 Horrible Stomach Cramping 3 9828
02-14-2005 Terrible Itching From Shingles 3 9937
08-07-2004 Peppermint Oil And A Sunburn 3 10000
03-29-2014 Dealing With Knee Bursitis Caused By A Joint Mouse 14 48424
03-15-2012 Huge Knot And Bruise On The Forehead 3 10567
10-06-2006 Lavender Not Just For Burns But Itching Too 3 10625
08-19-2009 Muluscum Contagiosum 3 10622
06-25-2008 Try Lemon Oil For Hiccups 3 10721
08-01-2006 Oregano For Mole Removal 6 21591
09-15-2004 Gastritis Relieved With Lavender 3 11063
11-22-2011 My Eye Was All Swollen And Puffy 4 14807
06-23-2010 Nosebleeds And Lavender 4 15964
03-05-2007 Peppermint For Insect Repelling & Bites 3 12025
12-29-2005 Oregano For Genital Warts 3 12281
11-02-2005 How To Get Rid Of Gophers & Moles In Your Yard 4 17358
01-07-2009 Lavender For Infected Ingrown Toenail 7 35266
09-14-2010 Swollen Lip Shrunk With Lavender 3 15923
03-08-2014 Chalazion Cyst On Upper Eyelid Gone In 2 Weeks 5 29041
09-11-2010 Blocked Salivary Gland 5 33861
Total = 20

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