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Ménière's Disease? My ENT Advocates Essential Oils

Author: Tanya M.
Date: 07-26-2014
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This is a very long story, but I think it will help others.

About twelve years ago I had a severe dizziness experience. I went to the doctor and had an MRI done. They found nothing. This dizziness occurred about three or four more times over the years. If anyone has ever been dizzy, you know how awful these spells make you feel.

About two years ago I began getting dizzy daily (especially when driving). I went to the doctor again, and he referred me to an ENT (ears, nose, & throat) physician. He said that I had crystals in my ear and that, when I made certain movements, they would float around.

So he performed an Epley Maneuver to put the crystals back in place. This worked for a little while. But I started getting dizzy again and throwing up every morning.

The ENT physician referred me to a neurologist. She said that I was having neck migraines and put me on Lorazepam (seizure medication), which had pages and pages of bad side effects, including dizziness and nausea!

The Lorazepam was not working, so she sent me for physical therapy. This did not help either.

So a friend suggested a chiropractor. I went, and he did a more extensive Epley Maneuver. This did help for a while, but again I continued with dizziness and throwing up every morning for a year!

Well, I was at work (pediatrics) one day about a year ago, and an ENT's wife who had an office next to ours came in, and I was telling her about this. She was floored!

She took me to their office, and I saw him and gave him my history. He was amazed and asked if anyone had ever suggested Ménière's disease. I told him no. He asked if I had tried any essential oils like Ginger. I said no.

Well, he diagnosed me with Ménière's and put me on Triamterene (for fluid retention) and Clonazepam. He also put a tube in my left ear and suggested that I try an essential oil.

So after researching essential oils, I chose Young Living essential oils. Of course I ordered the Premium Starter Kit, and I started drinking Lemon water.

I looked up Ménière's and found that Ginger and Tangerine are good oils to use. So I bought a diffuser necklace, and I put Tangerine in it every day. I also rub Tangerine and Ginger around my entire ear and behind my ear. If I feel like I might be getting dizzy, I will put a few drops of Tangerine in my hands, cup it over my nose and mouth, and inhale it.

Well, I am happy to report that I have only been slightly dizzy once during the past year, and I have not thrown up.

I saw my new ENT again for my year followup, and he said that my tube had been blocked for at least a month! He removed my tube and told me to continue my essential oil regimen. He also took me off my water pill (Triamterene) and is decreasing my Clonazepam!

I am so thankful that my ENT suggested essential oils, and I am thankful to Young Living for having such a great quality of essential oils. And yes, my ENT uses essential oils as well. :-)

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