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Prayed For An "Epi-Alternative" For Food Allergies

Author: Michelle W.
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Date: 07-13-2014
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Please know that the information which follows is not to be mistaken for medical advice. This is simply the story of my journey with an Almighty, Ever Present, and loving Father Who loves His children dearly.

Please consult a medical provider of your choice before making changes in your health regimen. Thousands have made proactive steps to take control of their family's health naturally and find healing, and so can you!

Samuel was born very healthy with no concerns, with the highest Apgar, etc. He was on a delayed vaccine schedule and began to have adverse reactions at 3 months of age, which is when we stopped the vaccines to get control over the horrible progression of skin reactions we continued to see.

By the time Samuel was tested for allergies, we had already determined two of them by elimination diet. But we did not expect to learn that he was also allergic to 14 of the major foods (mainly fruits and meat -- thank GOD he was left with vegetables) that most people would eat. These were foods that I had been eating and that he had been given all of his life up to that point.

Doctors had "never seen a child this allergic." There was literally no infant formula for Samuel that did not contain something he was allergic to, so I was left having to breastfeed because there was no alternative or supplement. Even the pediatricians at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) convened to discuss his condition and said they had never seen a child this allergic.

So here we were with a 4-month-old baby with "severe, multiple food allergies", eczema, and an "immune IgA deficiency" out of NOWHERE. This was traumatic... but we were becoming empowered.

In the beginning, we used the Benadryl as prescribed, but we noted increased chest congestion (which leads to inflammation, which leads to infection, which leads to medications, which leads to other issues). So we decided that was not the route to go.

We tried the Zyrtec as prescribed and watched our son do the "universal sign for choking," grabbing at his neck unable to breathe when laid on his back. We confirmed this before taking Samuel to the emergency room. Of course by the time we got there, he was only covered in hives and acting normal. We again chose not to give him the medicine again, although the doctors still recommended that he have it.

Upon asking the Lord for a solution, He gave us equal parts of Young Living Frankincense, Lemon, and Lavender essential oils. (I later learned and understood why, but at that time the science of why did not matter.) A few months later we added in Copaiba as well. This mix worked amazingly well for my son and would remove hives and bumps, in addition to keeping him from itching.

When the doctors gave us an EpiPen Jr, I began to ask the Lord for an "epi-alternative." Since it was never given to me in words, I suspected that we would never need it. So two years passed, and we continued to use the "healing allergy mix" preventively.

On June 10, 2014, my world was literally rocked, not at the moment but in the days following, when I realized what all had happened. You see, this particular evening Samuel was eating celery dipped in peanut butter (just a little bit) as he has done in the past, but this night it got stuck to the roof of his mouth.

I watched how stress and anxiety can literally kill you -- only with Samuel, because some of the cells in his body were already on high alert, he was closer to death than we could have imagined. I tried to get him to drink milk to get the peanut butter out of the roof of his mouth, but he kept wanting to wipe it out.

When Samuel would not calm down, I decided to go upstairs and nurse him to calm him down and get him ready for bed. By the time we got upstairs, I noticed his lip looked like it was swelling some. I did the only thing I knew to do and started using the essential oils. I texted my husband and asked him to come home right then.

The swelling seemed to progress faster and faster by the second, and Samuel continued to cry. All the essential oils I used would bring the swelling down immediately, but then it would go back up again. When I started to freak out, I noticed the swelling went faster.

So I prayed out loud and grabbed additional essential oils. Samuel kept wanting to turn his face from me into the pillow where he would stop crying; and when I would ask to see him, he would start crying again.

That is when I noticed how bad it was getting. Samuel had gone completely unrecognizable! His eyes were swollen completely shut, his lips were swollen out like a monkey, and even his cheeks were very swollen.

A friend then texted at the perfect time. I asked her to pray hard and asked her if there was anything else she would do. I continued to anoint Samuel with additional oils: the ImmuPower blend on the spine to regulate his immune system, lots of extra Lavender as an antihistamine, and Frankincense.

I could not even get the healing allergy mix into Samuel's mouth because it was so swollen! So I just put the mixture on his lips, face, cheeks, and spine. That is when the amazing text came through: Dorado Azul.

Praise GOD we had invested in an Aroma Complete kit that had an unopened bottle of Dorado Azul in it. I did not know what it did, but I used it on his spine and on his chest. The rest of the swelling went down to almost gone and stayed down with those few drops!

In the middle of all of this, Samuel threw up several times. I continued to use his healing allergy mix (Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, and Copaiba) and prayer until my husband got home. We then added the Peace & Calming blend about the time we considered going to the hospital.

However, we determined that Samuel looked much better and that God had equipped us with what we needed in the comfort and sanctity of our home. We began to diffuse Frankincense and just held him by it. My husband wore the diffuser necklace I had been wearing that week with Cistus, Sandalwood, and Frankincense on it.

Within the hour, the swelling was COMPLETELY gone. Within 3 hours, Samuel had eaten, and we were begging him to sit down and rest because he was up dancing and spinning around like nothing had happened!

This is the power of our God, prayer, and His medicine... Young Living essential oils. I later learned that Dorado Azul is for "colds, coughs, flu, bronchitis, asthma, allergic reactions that cause constriction and compromised breathing, any compromise to the respiratory tract" (and so much more listed in the essential oils reference book) A side benefit was that Dorado Azul also aided the candida infection in my son. Woohoo!

Praise GOD my team member knew her essential oils reference book. Please never doubt how much impact you have on your upline or what impact your downline has in your life as well. We are all a family... a team, and we are here to help one another. Your timeliness to follow His guidance and write, call, or text when He leads could literally save someone's life!

We will never ever be without the essential oils mentioned in this testimonial. The Lord has literally saved our son's life several times over using Young Living essential oils. We are forever grateful!

I pray that you are empowered and encouraged upon reading this and that, above all, you realize what an amazing, loving Creator and Father we have in our God! Thank you, Jesus, for all You have done!

I will also add that I used an entire bottle of the Trauma Life oil blend in the week following. I basically did not sleep for a week due to watching Samuel breathe, and I did not sleep much the second week either. But as the days progressed, we saw more and more healing come from this incident -- in him and in us.

Be blessed, friends!

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