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Calming Kids Down After A Traumatizing Incident

Author: Patricea C.
Date: 07-08-2014
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We live on the Indonesian of Bali, where commuting around on a motorbike is usual. Our kids have been on the motorbike with their father or with their nanny many times without incident. And they always have their helmets and jackets on before getting on the motorbike.

One Saturday our nanny put both kids on the motorbike to bring them to a pottery class. At the time of this incident, my daughter was 3 years old, and my son was 5 years old. They got on the motorbike and continued with the usual routine of getting out of the house:

Go out the front gate down a short slope and take a right turn onto a lane that is bordered on the left by a brick wall and has a shallow ditch of gentle flowing water on the right.

On this day the water level was very low. And due to either my son shaking during the turn or their nanny overturning, the entire motorbike fell sideways into the water with all of them on it.

You can imagine the shock that my young kids felt, even though they were able to stand up in the water (it came up at most to their shins that day). Their nanny immediately picked them out of the water and brought them home to me. They were soaked through, had dirt all over too, and were crying from the fright they had just experienced.

After a quick shower and dry up, I sat them on their beds and started to put essential oils on their feet. They were still crying and in shock, so I started with Valor on the bottoms of their feet. Then I rubbed Peace & Calming on their navel and lower back, followed by Release over the liver area.

After the first application of these essential oils, I placed 4 drops of Lavender in my Young Living Home Diffuser and let it run. I noticed that the children had already started to calm down, and their crying just became soft sobs.

Ten minutes later I repeated the application of Valor and Peace & Calming. As my son had already developed a love of Peppermint essential oil, I also let him breathe it in from the bottle, thinking that perhaps a familiar fragrance would calm him down.

Moments after the second application, they stopped sobbing but continued to talk about what had happened with a bit of disbelief -- perhaps also with a bit of sadness that they had missed their pottery lesson because of this.

Another ten minutes later I followed up with an additional application of Valor and Peace & Calming. By this time the children seemed to have calmed down considerably and even started to play around in their room. I left the Lavender essential oil diffusing until the water was completely empty.

At bedtime that night, I repeated the application of Valor, Peace & Calming, and Release, as well as diffusing Lavender.

When the children woke up the next morning, although they remembered what had happened, they did not seem traumatized by it. In fact, each time that we walked along the path (which is daily because it is the only way to get from our home to the main road), they would point to the spot where they fell and recount the incident... but say it in a normal voice.

The litmus test came the following Saturday when it was time to go for their pottery lesson again. I watched as they happily put on their helmets and got on the motorbike with their nanny.

Just before they went out the gate, they pointed to the ditch and said, "Mommy, we fell here last week!" Then off they went, happy at the thought that they were going to make new pottery items. They both showed no signs of fear or sadness when they went past the spot where they had fallen.

I feel that the essential oils I used allowed them to calm down gently and allayed their fear and sadness, thus allowing them to not have a deep imprint of the incident and to be able to look back on the incident without fear.

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