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Severe ADHD Caused Literal Bouncing Off The Walls

Author: Terri S.
Date: 06-23-2014
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In December 2012, my 9-year-old daughter was well over the recommended dosage of her prescription medications. The meds had "street value"... and they either had her almost comatose, or she was literally bouncing off the walls. She could not concentrate enough to carry on a conversation.

Since only one pharmacy carried her strong dose (and they would run out periodically), occasionally my daughter would be off her meds. When off medications one day, her chiropractor described her extremely distracted behavior as he half-jokingly said, "It's almost like she's drunk."

Every evening my daughter would pace up and down our hallway, bouncing off one wall and into the other wall, as she tried to get to the end of the hallway. She could not control her behavior at all!

I read about Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Lavender essential oils in the essential oils reference book. I decided to try them, although, as severe as my daughter's case was, I did not have much hope of success.

When the essential oils arrived, I took her off all prescription medications (it would have been smarter to do it gradually, but I didn't). All I had was the travel diffuser, but I put one drop of each essential oil on the pad and diffused it next to her every 2 hours. I also had her smell from the bottles as I opened them each time.

At first she had good days and bad days, though I did see that the essential oils were doing something.

After a week and a half, we were going to visit family. I dreaded spending 2 hours in the car with her behavior (it was a bad day), so I got the small "booster" pill which I used to give her, cut it into 4 pieces, and gave her one piece. It basically made her sleep for 2 days! Looking at how strong that 1/4 of a pill was (and that wasn't even the main dose), I was HORRIFIED by what I had been doing to her and decided I would never put her on the pills again.

Getting off the prescriptions had other effects as well. She started gorging because she hadn't been able to eat much since she started the prescriptions. I had to give her 6-8 small meals per day and limit what was on the plate. After about a month, that calmed down.

I kept using the essential oils every 2 hours. They worked, but I had to be consistent. After a month, I noticed she didn't need them as often. After 2 months, we were down to diffusing and smelling out of the bottles 4-5 times per day. After 3 months, we could actually go a few days with only smelling them once a day.

Now it has been a little more than a year, and she is a normal child. I have discovered diffuser necklaces and put the oils in a pretty glass one, shaped like a heart. I put one drop each of Peace & Calming, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Vetiver in the necklace every 3-5 hours, and I put a drop of Vetiver on her brain stem. I have also started putting Basil on her crown, with good results in improved concentration when we homeschool.

To say that I am thankful for these essential oils is an incredible understatement. They have given me my daughter back. She does still have bad days, but they are never even close to what they were over a year ago.

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attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-(ADHD) - "The results indicate that children’s shared attention behaviors increased during aromatherapy massage and that other aspects of their behavior also changed over the course of the research. Family involvement in the study enabled these changes to be transferred from school to home.... Steve Solomons explores the implications of his research for new teaching and learning opportunities for children with autistic spectrum disorders and severe learning difficulties."Link

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