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How Oils Saved Us From Aftershocks Of Brain Cancer

Author: Cathleen T.
Date: 06-22-2014
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My personal love and respect for Young Living Frankincense and Lemon essential oils is real... and it is deep!

My daughter Kinlee was born with a large cancerous brain tumor that was discovered and fully resected, thank the Lord, when she was 10 weeks old. After surgery she was diagnosed with right-sided hemiparesis (an inability to control the right half of her body), and she developed a seizure disorder.

A few weeks after surgery, a cyst began to form in her brain from the scar tissue at the origin site of her tumor (in her left ventricle). The cyst continued to increase in size, centimeter by centimeter, at each 3-month MRI, from 16 weeks of age to 5 years old.

The cyst measured 5.5 cubic centimeters by Kinlee's fifth birthday in October 2013. The doctors were not terribly concerned about it for her health, but I couldn't help but worry that it would affect her development and keep her brain from returning to as normal as possible.

My dear sweet friend gave me a little vial of Young Living Lemon essential oil in November 2013, and, since this was one of my first experiences with essential oils, I used it cautiously. I began to put cotton balls with a couple drops of Lemon oil under my daughter's sheets on both sides of her pillow. I admit that I have a crazy thing about clean sheets, so the cotton balls were changed every 4 or 5 days.

Kinlee's VERY NEXT MRI in December 2013 showed a reduction in the cyst, after only approximately 6 weeks of using Young Living Lemon essential oil. We had only seen increases up until that point. HAPPY DAY!!

I continued to use the cotton balls under my daughter's sheets. I also bought grape seed oil to stretch out the Lemon oil and began oiling her feet and anointing her head daily.

Kinlee's next MRI was moved up a bit due to scheduling, and by February 2014 her cyst had REDUCED BY HALF! The cyst that was 5.5 cubic centimeters in October 2013 was now 2.3 cubic centimeters in February 2014, with only 4 months of using Young Living Lemon essential oil! PRAISE THE LORD AND YLEO!!

The doctors had no answers as to what would cause the reduction, but I did! I told Kinlee's hematology/oncology doctor about our use of Young Living Lemon oil, expecting her to say, "No, that can't be it." Instead she said, "That's great! If it works, keep doing it!"

All of these changes occurred with the use of only 2 ml or less of Young Living Lemon essential oil, with the help of grape seed oil. There is SO MUCH power in EACH DROP of Young Living essential oils!

Meanwhile, the seizures that Kinlee was having would last for an hour or more, and she had been placed on a daily prescription seizure control medicine. Though the medication did very little to control her seizures and caused many behavioral problems, we still faithfully gave her the prescription med daily for two years.

It was SO tough to watch as her seizures continued, and each time the doctors would increase her dose of daily medication. This was a 35-pound 4-year-old that had already endured chemotherapy drugs, 30 days of sedation drugs after her craniotomy, bags and bags of IV antibiotics, countless sedation for MRI's, and years of anti-seizure medication. Add on top of that the 10 mg of Valium we had to administer each time she had a seizure, and you have got one loaded kid!

The ineffective seizure medicine really began to bother me. The idea of any DAILY prescription med bothers me, let alone one that does not even work! When I was blessed to receive a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, I started researching the possibilities of my new Everyday Oils Collection.

Though I was already a little familiar with Young Living essential oils through my amazing friend, I found that Frankincense oil, included in the Everyday Oils Collection, can help those with seizures and many other neurological disorders. Never could I have imagined that Frankincense essential oil would be SUCH a BLESSING!

I began to diffuse Young Living Frankincense essential oil and the Peace & Calming essential oil blend daily in our home. Over the next few weeks and months we saw a decrease in the number of seizures while Kinlee was still taking the prescription anti-seizure medication.

When she did have a seizure, I immediately swiped a drop of Frankincense oil under her nose, massaged Frankincense and the Peace & Calming oil blend onto the bottom of her feet, using the reflex points shown in the Vita Flex chart (the big toes for the brain). This procedure would usually stop the seizure within minutes!

Instead of administering the 10 mg of the Valium rescue med at home, we then rushed my daughter to the emergency room when the Valium wouldn't work. We then endured an hour of watching emergency room doctors administer more and more sedatives to stop her seizure. I could oil her up and stop the seizures within minutes and we could get on with our day as planned!

This was much more pleasant than having a poor sleepy sad doll for days after a seizure! And this is a 100% natural remedy that would not cause cumulative harm! Thank the Lord for placing His medicines in my path at the perfect time!

Kinlee's seizures now seem to be breaking up into 10-second episodes we call "the shakes", not requiring medication or even essential oils to stop them (although I usually oil her afterwards anyway). Her brain seems to be rewiring itself to fire properly!

As for the hemiparesis diagnosis at 16 weeks old, with the help of early intervention from amazing physical therapists (including the angels that shared Young Living essential oils with me) and occupational therapists, Kinlee first walked unaided at 18 months and was walking well at 22 months!

She still has an awkward gait and the cutest skip, as her left side is still much stronger than her right side. And she still has daily struggles but has found her own way to do things. After all, it is all she has ever known, and like all of us, she is still God's work in progress!

Thank You Lord, for delivering my child from cancer AND from seizures! I pray that Your blessings flow through me to others now! I pray that others RECEIVE the information about God's medicines that I have been given.

Now Kinlee has been weaned off of her daily prescription medicine with the blessing of her neurologist, leaving my little cancer survivor with NO PRESCRIPTION MEDS! I am amazed and astounded by the power of Young Living essential oils and I am extremely eager to share with you about how your health and quality of life could greatly improve with the use of Young Living essential oils.

Now you can see why I love Young Living Frankincense and Lemon essential oils... and why they are my personally treasured oils!

My reason -- my "why" -- for loving Young Living is easy... it is my children.

To God and Young Living Essential Oils be all the glory!

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