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Post-Surgical Herniated Disc & Sciatic Nerve

Author: Amy H.
Date: 06-18-2014
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I had surgery 15 months ago to address a severely herniated disc in my lower back. I am a healthy 42-year-old mother of 7 (yes, 7!) and have had recurrent sciatic pain in my lower back and down my leg due to lower back muscle strain for most of my adult life. But I never imagined that I would have a disc herniate and require surgery for correction.

Prior to surgery, I was attempting to address the problem with rest and medication. One of the medications I elected to take was Lyrica. The Lyrica addressed my neuropathic pain completely, which was severe in my leg and foot, but I had every conceivable listed potential side effect from the medication, including 45-pound weight gain, blurred vision, memory loss, joint pain, and muscle aches.

Eventually the benefit was clearly outweighed by the subsequent problems. I had to undergo surgery. I could not walk; I could barely stand. The pain was incredible!

Immediately following surgery, to my dismay, I realized that I still had neuropathic pain down the outside of my leg and foot, typical of the pain experienced when a particular nerve center is being pressed on. My surgeon told me that I should recover -- and the pain should resolve -- within 18 months.

Well, 15 months later, the pain was alive and strong. I had another MRI, part of it in February and part of it in May, and it confirmed my worst fear. The disc was clearly re-herniated in February's image and even worse in the May scan. Another back surgery was a nightmare I did not want to revisit.

After lots of reading and research, I joined Young Living and purchased my starter pack of essential oils a couple of months ago. The desire to treat my family with fewer big pharma drugs and to get far more natural in our response to injury or illness drew me in.

I am thrilled and amazed with the effects of the Thieves and Lavender essential oils in our lives. However, my body's response to the essential oils that I have used for my herniated disc and sciatica has floored me!

I have been using a combination of essential oils each evening at bedtime (I am looking forward to ordering more and using them morning and evening to see if that boosts the effects), all of them referenced in the reference guide and here in the testimonials:

1. Valor on the sole of my bad foot and on the small of my back (2 drops each place).
2. Cypress on the small of my back (3 drops).
3. PanAway on the small of my back (2-3 drops).

I am in the middle of packing and trying to move my family, and for 2 or 3 nights in a row I was simply too tired to use my essential oils. By last night, my leg was screaming again. So I used the oils last night before bed, and today my leg and foot are SO MUCH BETTER! The oils were clearly helping, and my lapse was proof enough for me!

Once my family gets relocated, I plan to combine some good physical therapy and exercise to address strengthening my core and back. But in the meantime there is no question that the essential oils I have been using have made a significant difference in lowering my discomfort and increasing my mobility and Longevity each day!

I know that, medically and physically speaking, each individual's response to any therapy is "host specific." It is different for each of us, but I intend to continue playing with the combination and expect even greater things from my essential oils!

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