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Oil Opens Client's Heart In HeartMath Session

Author: Jody R.
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Date: 06-15-2014
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I am a certified HeartMath Provider with The Institute of HeartMath and work with individuals who are conquering anxiety, stress, depression, weight loss, fatigue, and other issues.

Recently I had a session with a woman whose husband left her. They had been married for over fifteen years, and he told her he was not in love with her anymore. After he left, she fell into a very deep depression and ended up getting let go from her job. She also stopped eating and was giving up on her life.

During a very intense family intervention, she was referred to me by her sister (who went through some HeartMath sessions with me in the past). In other words, she had no choice. If she were to refuse to do this, she would lose the rest of her support system.

I decided to do something I have never done before because of a dream I had the night before our session... about using Rose essential oil. I have never used Rose oil during a session; it is just too expensive to use. But I listened to my intuition, and from now on I am going to use it if I feel it is necessary.

Here is what happened: I started the session by asking her some questions. And then after about ten minutes we began to focus on the area around her heart so we could continue with heart breathing, but she could not focus on the area around her heart.

We tried putting her hand over her heart, and that did not work. We tried visualization, and that did not work. And that is when I got out the Rose essential oil.

She smelled it first, and we did a patch test, diluted. Everything was fine, so I put one drop in her hand and told her to rub her hands together and then to inhale the fragrance for at least 15 seconds.

She did it, and, after she finished, I saw an instant change in her energy. Because Rose oil is such a high frequency oil, she literally raised her own frequency.

Next we started the process of heart focus, and this time she immediately did it. Once she was breathing through her heart, in and out, we were then able to add a heart moment to that process. She was opening up her heart chakra successfully!

Because of this, we were able to answer some very important questions while she was in her heart space. She realized that she was not happy in her marriage too because her husband was always working. She felt alone in her marriage. Her heart told her that... with the help of the Rose oil!

She also realized that she always wanted to travel to New Zealand and decided to book a trip for December. Her heart told her that too.

By the end of the session, there was relief in her voice. She transformed, and I know the Rose essential oil was part of the reason this happened.

I know this is a bit long, but I really wanted to share. We do not talk about Rose oil enough, partly because of its cost (which I am HAPPY to pay). But seriously, Rose oil is one of the most powerful oils with an amazingly high frequency. It is one of the very first oils I bought, too, and it lasted for two years!

There is a deep inner wisdom in our hearts. Our hearts know the answers to all the questions we have and will ever have. And Rose oil helps us to access this wisdom when our hearts have been challenged by the people and events around us.

Thanks for reading.

Warm heart wishes always,


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