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Atrocious Periods And Roller Coaster Emotions

Author: Karen N A.
Date: 05-28-2014
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I know this is a long read, but read it all because it is good!

Soooo it has taken a long time for me to post my testimony because I was such a skeptic about essential oils! I mean the good Lord gave us modern medicine for a reason, RIGHT? I could not have been MORE WRONG! I am head over heels in LOVE with essential oils and the benefits I have gained from them.

I have struggled with bad periods for a LONG time. I am 32 years old and have had oh what seems to be 4378294639 periods. And if you name it, I have experienced it!

Cramps that put me in the bed for days.
Flow so bad that I stand up and just... well, you know.
Emotions the week prior that would rival a category 5 hurricane.
Breasts so sore they rebel against a bra.
Back pain that makes you feel like you have an elephant sitting on it.
Ovarian cysts that have ruptured.
Exploratory surgery to see just what is going on.

I have run the gamut! I was on pain pills, birth control, and more pain pills. And as you know, pain pills when you have a full-time job does NOT make for a good combination.

About 8 months ago my dear friend and fellow essential oil user suggested that I try Young Living Progessence Plus and Dragon Time. I was at a point at which I was so beaten down that I figured why not? Nothing else has worked!

I started using both essential oil blends every day. I applied the Progessence Plus on my forearm and the Dragon Time on the side of my heel (the pressure point related to the reproductive organs). I also inhaled the oils.

The first month after I used these essential oils -- NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH! The second month was the same. I was about to throw in the towel and shout, "See, this didn't work either!" My same dear sweet, patient friend who told me about these oil blends said to keep going because it can take a bit of time.

So, dragging my feet I agreed to keep with it. During month 3 I was totally shocked to see that I had gotten my period. There was NO warning, NO emotional crying outbursts, and NO sore breasts. There was just a slight backache that I chalked up to just sleeping wrong. I immediately told my friend that I was SHOCKED to have experienced such relief!

However, being a scientist (I am a science teacher), I needed trials! So the test would continue over the next few months. And sure enough, the next months proved to have the same results. I was ELATED!

Then came those dreaded words on the Young Living website: OUT OF STOCK. They were out of stock of my beloved Progessence Plus for over a month.

That time period that I was without my precious oil blend was rough. I had a period that was like Godzilla fighting King Kong! I just prayed for my oil blend to be back in stock! When it was back I bought TWO bottles so that I would always have a backup!

Another absolute astonishment was this past month. My sister came to stay with me for the weekend, which happened to be the weekend that I had my "monthly visitor." Towards the end of the visit I asked her how I seemed to her -- you know, attitude, etc. She said that I seemed to be doing really good!

Then I dropped the bomb that I was actually on my period. She was beyond shocked! BEYOND!!! She has walked beside me through my whole horrible journey. She actually cried when she saw how well I was doing!

Now, I am NOT a doctor or medical professional, and I am not sure if you will have my same results. All I know is that, since I started using these amazing God-given essential oils, my life has changed 100%.

This does not mean that I am without symptoms completely. I still cramp and get a backache, and my breasts get a bit tender. But on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being baby kittens and puppies and 10 being an atomic bomb going off inside of me), I would say that at most I am a 4, which -- TRUST me -- is an AMAZING thing!

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