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Nasty Cat Bite Healed With Thieves Oil

Author: Jennifer Hansen
Location: NY, United States
Posted: 09-21-2005
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At the end of 2001, just after I had gotten into YL Essential Oils, Madhava, my oldest son, was bitten by a cat on the back side of his hand and knuckles. No one was home so he washed it with hydrogen peroxide, then went with some friends to a sleep over. He visited a variety of places the next day including the home of a Certified Nurse Practitioner (C.N.P.) and an M.D. Both of them recommended antibiotics and rabies shots, as it had swollen up and become very red half way up his arm. I did not see him or even know about it until the afternoon of the next day.

We immediately started soaking it in hot water that had a number of drops of Thieves blend oil mixed in with it. After he had soaked it, we generously applied Thieves directly onto the entire area, undiluted. I wanted him to do this three or four times a day, but he only had time to do it twice a day. Within five days there was no more evidence of the bite, except for very minor puncture wounds. I advised him to put lavender oil on them to prevent scarring but he did not want to.

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